Saturday, 27 December 2008

In Holiday Mode

It is so nice to finally be in holiday mode. The week after school breaks up is always so busy, getting ready for Christmas. I love it once Boxing Day hits and you know it's really time to relax. I feel so lucky that Aaron is a teacher and has 7 weeks off with the boys. We are also very blessed that he has his permanency, so we know he is getting paid over the Summer and that he has the same position from year to year. It would be a very long Summer if Aaron wasn't a teacher.

I love waking up and knowing there is nothing to do. We can sleep in as long as we like (or as long as Kobe lets us! Aaron and I take turns getting up to him every second morning, so at least we know we will get a sleep in every second day). It's nice not having to drag Noah out of bed at 6.30am so he can get all his feeds, meds and nebs before school.

It's nice knowing we can have breakfast in bed if you want it!

It's great reading the paper all morning, and checking out the post Christmas sales!

For Jay and Harri the best thing is staying in your pajamas all morning playing with all your new things they got for Christmas.

and of course the best thing for me is eating all those Christmas goodies that we got!

I hope Summer doesn't go too fast!

p.s. if I don't blog very often everything is okay! We are just enjoying Summer too much :)


  1. I know what you mean Lisa - I always breathe a sigh of relief after boxing day - it's such a LONG build up to Christmas thesedays, it's nice to relax afterwards. Are you going to the beach house you went to last Summer?

  2. Summer break wow, I forget that you are the opposite season as us. Have a great summer.

  3. Kylie - yes we go away to St Helens on the 17th for a week - can't wait!!

  4. Did you get anything at the post-Christmas sales?

  5. Has Kobe picked out his favourite chocolate yet?
    It had better not be the Turkish delight!
    It's good that the kids can enjoy their presents and stay in their p.j s half the day. They are getting more like their grandmother.
    Love Mum xxx

  6. Ahh holidays, i feel like i havent had one for ages and its only been a few


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