Sunday, 7 December 2008

Special Children's Christmas Party

Today we went to the Tasmanian Special Children's Christmas party. It is on every second year in Launceston, and we haven't been for about 4 years or so, so we thought we would make the effort to go this year. It's always nice to do something special like this as a family, especially when it is something for Noah. We often reconsider going to things like this, especially as it is on a Sunday, but we want the boys to have lots of happy memories of special things they have done with Noah

There were lots of people there, and therefore the line up for things was also very long.

The boys had a great time anyway. Harri and Noah both got their faces painted.

There was free food including soft serves, icy poles, drinks, sausages, hamburgers and pizza etc. The boys thought it was great being able to go and get as many icecreams as they liked!

They had a reptile display inside, which I think Aaron and Jay spent half the time at!

Outside they had farm animals and ponies.

Kobe loved seeing everything going on, and kept smiling at everyone that said hi to him.

There were different characters walking around saying hi to the kids. Harri kept wanting to go up them a number of times and give them a cuddle.

We saw lots of people we knew - some from Noah's school, and some from the school holiday program. At school we have been told that Noah and Bronte have 'a thing' going at the moment. Supposedly they look at each other all the time when they are near each other and Bronte is quite taken by Noah. He is definitely going for an older woman! It was nice to see her there.

The 'special' kids (which ranged from kids in wheelchairs to kids with other disabilities and kids who are disadvantaged - the majority seem to be in the 'disadvantaged' category and sometimes we wonder how these kids are chosen to go, but this a whole other blog post and something I probably don't want to get into!), were the only one's who were allowed presents, but the boys knew it was a special day for Noah and didn't care. There is nothing that is usually appropriate for him anyway, so the boys usually end up sharing the presents with him anyway.

We got to choose anything that we wanted, so I chose a pirate play set which the boys were very excited about. On the way out of the toy room, we got to say hi to Santa.

Just before we left a guy came over to show us a turtle. Kobe and Noah were both tuckered out and weren't too interested! :)


  1. I'm glad to see you had "Jay the bouncer" with you, or is he a celebrity trying to go unoticed???

    Looks like it was a great fair - I remember them only too well from our Women's shelter days!

  2. Looks like wonderful day. Junior would have been very impressed by the snake.

  3. I bet Harri didn't go anywhere near the snake.. I love the nativity paintings, you have down the side of your blog. Who is the artist? Love Mum xxx

  4. Love the photo of you and the Kobester. Love Mum xxx

  5. Mum - I have had those nativity pics on my computer for years, so not sure who the artist is, but its three different ones I think.

  6. looks like a nice day, harri looks scared of the turtle though

  7. It looks like a great set up there and it seems you've all had a pretty fun, busy day. Thanks for slotting a visit in to us at the hospital :D

  8. PS Why is Caramello Koala red, and is he related? Both he and Kobe have their tongues out! I was showing Patrick your blog, as he saw the sign for the party at the Silverdome and said "look Mum, there's a special kids Xmas party on" (as in 'specially for kids")!

  9. Hi Lisa.
    Remember when all the youth used to volunteer at the Christmas party?..Looks a little more specky than when we used to go.
    I'm not sure how the selection process works either, but I often wondered about that too..
    Glad you had a great day.

  10. Love the picture of you and Kobe! :) Lovely :)

    That looks like it was a fun day for everyone. I know what you mean about .. you know.. the.. whole other blog post topic. Yes.

    But, either way, I'm glad you guys had a fun day there, and I know you do a good job of giving the family fun times with Noah! :)

  11. Love that pic of Kobe and you!!!


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