Thursday, 11 December 2008

No More Stingrays

Today was the last game for the Stingray's basketball team. Jay has had three great years at the 'YMCA playing mini basketball. For half the session each week they learn how to play and practice their skills, and then for the last half they play a 'game'. The rules are very modified and they are allowed to get away with a bit depending on each child's abilities and skills. Jay has been one of the oldest ones in the league this year and his confidence has really grown.

The last couple of games he has scored between 5-6 goals and has been very proud of himself.

This year Jay had some lovely kids on his team.

It's been great for him learning how to play in a fun environment. Tonight all the kids got certificates and ribbons for participating.

Next year Jay goes up to Junior basketball which will be a lot more challenging, but he is looking forward to playing real games with real rules :)


  1. Well done jalen! What a great sport to play.

  2. I have almost identical photos on my computer. Tristan (years ago) played in a red basketball team at the YMCA with the same lady to coach and ref. Tristan never went on to the bigger games - a bit nervous back then I think - but he did have a lot of fun. Glad Jay has enjoyed himself!

  3. And I've just recognised Bella - she was in my Prep class last year. She was an adorable young girl. Lovely to see her with a smile on her face!

  4. Donna - yes that is Bella. She is a lovely girl. Jay had all lovely kids on his team. Pity he has to go up next year.

  5. He is going to take after his Mum and be one talented basketballer.

  6. I must admit I was surprised at Jae's basketball abilities,He's a great little sportsman. I do hope he continues next year. Love Mum xxxx


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