Friday, 19 December 2008

A Wedding and a Baby

This afternoon we had a visit from Noah's old carer - Bridget. She left 12 months ago as she got married and moved to Hobart. She used to work at home with us 4 hours a week - I missed her when she left as she used to do my ironing every week for me! Now it just sits in the laundry all piled up until I have to wear something!

She brought her wedding photos to show us which were so nice. It's nice to see her happy as she had been a single Mum for a long time.

She was excited to visit as she hadn't met Kobe before. Typical Noah slept through the whole visit! Just in case you notice the colour of Noah's hands in the above pic - don't panic! His hands go purple when he has his new arm splints on but he is fine - we check his circulation regularly.


  1. Before I read what you said about his hands I was ready to write a comment like "Why are his hands purple!!"
    I wish I could sleep as much as Noah does!! :)
    That's a good photo of all your boys with Bridget!
    Kobe is so photogenic. As if that wasn't gonna happen though!!

  2. Bridget looks so happy and even younger. It's really nice she has found happiness the second time around. Love Mum xxx

  3. I would be missing Bridget too if she used to do the ironing!


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