Sunday, 28 December 2008

Maurice's Prayer

This afternoon we went to visit Aaron's Nan and Pop. Today is their 70th wedding anniversary! They had a special write up in The Examiner about them. It made us laugh as it was so Nan and Pop! Pop is a lovely old man who just thinks life is wonderful, and Nan just says it how it is. It talked about how Nan was an answer to his prayers when they met.

Pop was telling us that 70 years ago today they were married at 6.30pm, and back then there was no daylight savings time, so when it is 7.30 pm tonight it will be exactly 70 years. He said that back then Wednesdays were the day to be married, so they were actually married on a Wednesday. I love seeing this photo of them on their honeymoon. Nan looked like quite the hottie and Pop was a bit of a spunk! Aaron's Dad looks so much like his Pop, and Aaron looks so much like his Dad!

They are still living at home, but are getting frailer every year. They find it hard to get around and do the things that they used to love so much. They were so happy to have everyone around today, and especially to see our boys as we don't see them very often. Noah slept through the whole thing!

They got three special letters in recognition of their anniversary- from the Prime Minister, the Queen and also the Governor General. Pop was quite chuffed by it all!

Aaron's Mum left when he was 11 or 12, so he spent a lot of time growing up at his grandparents house. When his Dad was at work he would be at his Nan and Pop's and has a lot of fond memories of times he spent there.

The boys were keen to go for a look outside as they couldn't remember it from when we had been there when they were younger.

When the boys saw the garden they kept saying 'this is amazing!!'. It used to be amazing when Nan and Pop were able to keep up with it and isn't as kept as it used to be, but it still looks really pretty with all the flowers.

Jalen loved exploring and kept finding little engravings in the concrete. They have been in the same house now for over 65 years, and everytime they poured new concrete they seemed to engrave something like the date and how long they had been there.

Aaron loved going around telling the boys about things from when he was little - like showing them where the fish pond used to be, and where he used to explore.

He especially loved popping the flowers that he used to get told off for doing as a kid!! I remember doing exactly the same thing up at my Nan and Pop's garden!

Everyone kept commenting on how our boys would be carrying on the King name as Aaron is the only grandson, and he only has two cousins who have a different surname - I guess that is why we had 4 boys and no girls - to keep the name going! It was nice to share such a special day with them.


  1. Wow Lisa that is such a special day. Really neat that Aaron could share his childhood memories with your boys.

  2. What legends they are. You both have great Grandparents and the boys have great, great grandparents!

  3. Wow - you and Aaron have a lot to live up to with both sets of grandparents doing so well! Aaron's Dad is the spitting image of his Dad isn't he? I love the photos of Kobe in his cute vest!

  4. That is just lovely about all the lettters they got.The boys look really excited running around the garden. It must have been quite a picture when they were younger. Aaron looks excited to show the boys about his childhood memories. Kobe looks very pleased with himself.
    Maybe you are right that you had four boys to carry the King name on. Love Mum xxxx

  5. I was just reading the article in the Examiner, and what a hoot they both are.
    Aaron's grandmother's remarks just cracked me up.
    They look so fantastic for their age. Love Mum xxx

  6. I love this post - their love, kobe in the garden and all the celebrations. Family is wonderful!


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