Thursday, 4 December 2008

6 Months Ago

6 months ago today life seemed pretty 'normal'. 6 months ago our lives changed dramatically!

No we have......
  • broken sleep
  • lots of stress
  • lots of nappies to wash and dry
  • tins of formula and bottles to make
  • food to puree
  • toys scattered everywhere
  • lots of tears (from everyone including Kobe!)
  • a cupboard stocked full of homepathic remedies for reflux, colic and teething as well as bonjella, neurofen and panadol
  • a Christmas tree almost getting pulled down everyday
  • loads more washing everyday - mostly full of bibs
  • baby bowls, spoons and cups
  • to take a baby bag everywhere we go stocked with nappies, spew rags, bibs, books, toys, wipes and feeds
  • baby shampoo and body wash
  • and a pram, rocker, baby swing, two baby play gyms, a baby pouch and jolly jumper.
But we wouldn't change a thing!

Having Kobe come into our family has been a huge change for us, but a great one. He makes us smile every day with his little 'twinkle in his eye' (as Simone calls it) and his beautiful little smile. Whenever we are out I am constantly getting comments like 'what a beautiful little baby', 'he is so cute, he makes you want to give him a big cuddle', and 'he is such a happy baby'.

He is such a busy little man. He doesn't want to stop for anything including having a feed or having a sleep. He LOVES to see the world and what is going on. If we are home too much in the day he gets very bored and just wants to have someone talking to him. As soon as you talk to him he gives you the biggest smile, and plays on it so that you will keep talking to him! If his brothers walk out of the room he starts crying, until they come back in again.

It's amazing how fast the last 6 months have gone. We are very lucky to have Kobe in our lives.

I love how in this photo Kobe is like the 'big' brother as he is the one giving Noah a kiss.


  1. I can't believe how fast that time has grown! We were in NZ when Kobe was born - must be time for another holiday!! I didn't think that top photo was you Lisa, when you had it in a previous blog!

  2. Great 2nd photo. I think that one needs to be watermarked. He is the cutest! I am sad that I don't get to see him grow up like the others. I used to be the favourite Auntie (but only Auntie on your side)until I had competition! But it's wonderful that he grow up with Little Alex and Lachlan.

  3. Yeah - you used to be the favourite Auntie, Nicki until the other two came along!!! ;) I remember you used to give Jay freddo frogs for brekky! No wonder he loved you. I think you guys need to move just a little bit closer so we can see your kids more often too! :)

  4. Oh, he really is the cutest baby in the whole world (Anna, I know you're reading this eventually, Darcy is 18 months old! He's practically a man now, and you KNOW he's my favorite boy ever). I started reading your blog right before Kobe was born. :) It has been such a treat to see him get cuter by the day! :)

    It's so cool that he's already so inquisitive and busy! He's gonna be a genius!

    Love the photos with each of you, especially the one of him and Jay! :) Haha, and the one where your knee makes him look like he has a big bum (which, as you may recall, is the message I sent to you from someone else's account. So embarrassing.)

    Very cute! :)

  5. ooooohhhhhh he is soo cute Lisa - that means it is six months since we went to Korea! WOW, time flies so fast. You'll never have a newborn again (until you're a grandma or Harri prays REALLY hard for one).

  6. His cheeks are soo coochy! Great pics lisa!

  7. Wow he is growing so fast. Love the pictures, soooo cute.

  8. I love the picture of you and Kobe, it's just beautiful!

  9. What a gorgeous age 6 months is ... every time I look at little 6 week old Alyssa I think ahead just a little until she is sitting up, 'playing' and 'chatting' with her brothers, starting to taste food ...

    Kobe is just gorgeous and it's lovely to read what a beautiful time you've had with him.

  10. Time sure flies when you're busy! I'm still getting use to bringing diapers every time I go out-along with a change of clothes :) These babies are a lot of work, but worth it!

  11. i hope jonty turns out just as cute as kobe. Time certainly does fly. I can still remember when you told me you were pregnant. I was in Woolies Kings Meadows.

  12. Lol @ Simone

    He'd prob smile alot more if his Fav uncle was there. now is that jared or Eden? haha


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