Monday, 29 December 2008

Red and Blue

Yesterday while we were at Nan and Pop's, Harri tripped over and fell right into the corner of a wooden stool. It hit him right above the eye - lucky it wasn't any further down. He screamed the house down and when he would finally let us look at it, it came up in a HUGE egg and turned blue straight away.

This morning the egg has gone down a lot, and now it looks like he has a lovely shade of red eye shadow on!

Of course Jalen was very dramatic and kept asking all night if Harri was going to go blind!


  1. Ouch - looks like Harri is your accident prone one! Didn't he have a twisted ankle and a nasty carpet burn not so long ago?

  2. Poor Harri, looks like it hurt.

    Lisa the harness you asked about is called a t-koz harness and is made by South Paw(he has been using it for about 5 years now)

  3. Ha ha I love how Jalen takes things to the extreme.

  4. What a shiner! That makes him look very tough!! ;)

  5. Typically Jae being the drama KING!!
    I'm so glad I wasn't around for that one. We would have been deaf.
    It looks like he's getting ready early for Australia Day. You know, the red white and blue. I just kill myself!!

  6. Oh it must have been the weekend for tripping injuries b/c Max had a little accident on Saturday.


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