Saturday, 6 December 2008

Two Brides To Be

Last night Carol held a double bridal shower for Chelsea and Shannon. They are both getting married on the same day - January 3rd (obviously not to each other!!).

It was a great night. Carol organised some fun games. The memory game was the funniest because of one of the items she had a on a tray. It gave us all a bit of a laugh!

We played the 'if, then' game. You had two pieces of paper and on one you had to write a question to do with being married or getting married. One the other piece you wrote the answer. We then had to pull out someone else's question and someone else's answer and read them together. It was hilarious as they totally didn't go together, but they were very funny.

Everyone was asked to bring a pantry item for them. They ended up with lots of great things to stock their cupboards.

Of course the highlight of the night was the food! ;)

The beautiful Olendrowsky girls!


  1. Oh Lisa I see you were blogging early this morning. Noice, very noice piccies. Gee, I wonder what the mystery item was on the tray, Mum's the word (well maybe not).

  2. What a good idea for a gift theme. I'm all for the practical side of things.

  3. I'm wondering what was on the tray. What was on it?


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