Wednesday, 31 December 2008


New Years Eve in our house is not really a big deal. We do think about the new year and what it might bring and we do try to set some goals, but actually staying up till midnight on New Years Eve doesn't really appeal much to us. What kind of crazy people would give up a few good hours of sleep - just to say 'Happy New Year'!!? I probably would if I didn't have 4 kids to wake up to the next morning - one of which will be up sometime between 5am and 6.30am if I'm lucky! :)

Jalen however, has been so excited all week and keeps asking us what we are going to do. Our replies of 'go to bed' wasn't cutting it for him and all week he has been suggesting what we should do - watch the fireworks on T.V, watch ABBA on T.V (Aaron wasn't so keen on that one!), play Buzz on the playstation2, or play Guitar Hero World Tour on the playstation2.

Mum gave Jay an awesome board game for Christmas. We played it for the first time last night, and decided to let Jay stay up late tonight and played it again. It is called 'Hue Knew?'.

The aim of the game is to find the two colours on the card that match - i.e. the colour matches the name of the colour. It sounds a lot easier than it is. When you find one that matches you grab the corresponding counter, and get a point for each one you get first. Unfortunately Aaron thrashes us both in it.

At 9pm we watched the fireworks on the TV that were in Sydney. Jay was so excited about them and kept asking his usual 100 questions - 'how do they make fireworks?', 'what are they made out of?', 'how do they dissapear?'..... He was so excited about seeing them on TV that I asked him if he would like to go and watch the real ones from Aurora Stadium that would be set off at 9.30pm. I had considered going to the Countown at Aurora, but it is a freezing, windy, cold day and it wouldn't have been much fun - especially for Noah and Kobe.

Jay was excited to go and see the real fireworks, and we thought we would drive and park up on the hill at Ravenswood that looks over Aurora. Half of Launnie were also there waiting for the fireworks. While we were sitting there waiting in the dark, Jay starts getting nervous! He then starts asking another 100 questions - 'can they hurt you Mum?', 'will it be scary Mum?', 'will it be really loud?'......

As soon as he saw the first one, he was sooo excited and kept yahooing and carrying on. It's a pity we all couldn't have done it together, but I definitely wasn't keen on waking Harri and Kobe up!

It was fun to go and watch and I'm sure he will want to do it again next year. I tried to talk Aaron into going up with him again at midnight, but bed is looking like a much better option :)


  1. We were going to go up to Vermont Road but ran out of time and ended up parking in a side street near Aurora and got a great view. We are all TRYING to stay awake for the Casino display, but I think Shayne is Nanna napping in the other room!

  2. The fireworks look really good with your camera. We watched 2 D.V.D.s Iate some radishes and some homebrand chips.
    Now it' 10.57 and I,m going to bed . What an exciting end to a really crummy year. Next year can only be better. Love Mum xxx

  3. What happened to that tough guy with the sunnies?
    I,m glad he likes his game.
    Now I know what to get him again.
    There was a lot to ckoose from.
    Love Mum xxx

  4. We forgot to go outside on our deck and have a look at 9pm but I just raced out then (in the freezing cold) to see the midnight effort at Aurora but they didn't seem to last long. I was a bit disappointed and I was glad I didn't go and wake the kids to see it. There was a more impressive effort over towards the Gorge (reading up I'm wondering if it was actually up at the casino) and that was pretty impressive.

    I love fireworks!

  5. I'm glad Jalen liked the fireworks. I'm surprised that had them going on such a yukky blustery night. Surely next yr will be warmer!! NO going to Bridport in this weather today.

  6. I think next year im going to the harbour, just to say ive been


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