Thursday, 4 December 2008

Leavers' Week

This week is 'Leavers' Week' at Kings Meadows High. Aaron had a lot to do with the Grade 10's last year as he was the prefect coordinator, but this year he hasn't had as much to do with the Grade 10's as he is the Grade 9 grade leader.

Last year he was really sad when the Grade 10's left, and he didn't think he would be this year, but has gotten to know a lot of the kids and said last night that he is still going to miss a lot of them. Aaron had taken on the job of making the DVD to be shown at the leavers assembly, so has been busy getting it done all week. Last night was the leavers dinner. Aaron was really looking forward to it and said it was a great night.

I don't think these dresses were quite as stunning as the dresses we had back in 1989!

I actually taught about twenty of these students in my first year out, teaching. Back then they were in Prep. I love Aaron telling me about them and what they are like now. He often pulls out my old photos and has a laugh at how much they have changed. The funniest thing though is that they are exactly how they were in Prep. Some of the kids were quiet, or confident, or just really nice and Aaron says they are exactly the same now. The girl in the hot pink dress was in my class and was the loveliest little girl. Aaron says she is still exactly the same and is the head prefect this year. I'm sure it was all my influence from 10 years ago! :)


  1. How funny that Aaron taught some of your Preps from Youngtown! I didn't think they were having Leaver's Dinners anymore? It sure looked a whole lot better than my Kings Meadows High Leaver's dinner at the Kings Meadows pub
    24 (!!!!!) years ago!

  2. Not doing leavers dinners!!!?? Are you serious!? They are bigger and more extravagant than ever!

  3. Aaron looks like one of the kids almost. That's so great that Aaron has been able to be involved with educating your prep pupils. Just make sure you get the bragging rights, as prep is such an important year!

  4. It was definitely your influence.

  5. Aaron looks good, glad to see he had a classy tie instead of hawks rubbish


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