Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cuts and Scrapes

Last week Alison popped around to drop off her beloved scooter. She said she hadn't used it for ages and thought the boys might like it. Alison - you will be happy to know that Jay hasn't been off it since! Every afternoon after school he asks if he can go around the block on it. I make him come back after each blockie to tell me that he is back and going again. An hour later - he will still be going!

He even goes before school if he does all his jobs fast. He is sporting a few cuts and scrapes, but is very proud of them.

That was until this morning! He hobbles in with blood coming out of his elbow and tells me that I need to drive him to school! Kobe was asleep and Noah was waiting for the bus to come and pick him up for school, so poor Jay had to walk. I'm sure it's all worth it with all the fun he is having on the scooter. Thanks Alison!


  1. Oh goodness! I had a feeling he'd end up with some battle scars! I certainly did (not on that one, but on the first one I had in grade 6 when they were SUPER popular), but they're so much fun that it's definitely worth it!

    I'm glad he's enjoying it so much! I hope the scrape this morning hasn't deterred him! :)

    That's a mean scrape on his elbow. I hope he's alright! I should have made you sign a contract to say that it's ABSOLUTELY NOT MY FAULT if he gets injured ;) ;)

    I have a feeling he'll get back up on it! :)

    In other news, I just picked up Gerard's Guitar Hero for mum. It's gonna be wicked (as the kids say ;))

  2. Good on you Jae, just get back on if you fall off. It just makes you tougher. Love Grandma xxx

  3. I just realized that you linked my name! *squeals with excitement at the prospect of real traffic over at Times like these...*



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