Saturday, 3 January 2009

Older Brothers

I've been thinking a lot about how different your 3rd and 4th child is to the first two. With Jalen we spent so much time with him all day, every day. With Kobe we spend time when we can, and if we do get some time just to play, it is really nice.

Sometimes I wish I had more time just to spend playing with him, but he doesn't mind as he has great big brothers who entertain him. Today Kobe was grizzling and we were busy, so Jay grabbed hold of him and started talking to him. Kobe thought it was THE best!

It's nice this time that if I am busy and Kobe is grizzling I can just yell out to Harri or Jay to go and talk to him, and most times it settles him right down. It's great to have free babysitters! ;)


  1. That's great the boys are such a good help with Kobe. He looks so easy to adore.

  2. It would be really intersting to see what the boys talk to Kobe about!
    Love Mum xxx

  3. Aww. Very cute photos. :)

    Lisa! 380 posts in 2008! That's insane! I think I had about 40 or 50! lol

  4. Lisa it is just wonderful that the boys are so good with Kobe. Great pics.

  5. Having a ten year old when I finally got around to having Liam was the best thing ever - Tristan was so good at helping out and he's gradually getting back into the helping out with a baby habit with Alyssa.

    The photos are gorgeous. My blog post yesterday was all about getting photos of my kids too :)

  6. here here, I agree! Darby and Bethan are great helpers. But as Rowan is getting heavier they cant carry her. But now we have a crawler I need the big girls to be the cleaner uperes.... ALL SMALL THING OFF THE FLOOR!


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