Friday, 29 February 2008

Back to basketball

Jalen has been so excited as basketball has started back up again at the YMCA, since school has gone back.

This year they are doing things a little differently and Jay is lucky that he gets to still be in the 'easy' league for 7 and 8 year olds. We thought that he had to go up to the more serious league this year, but I'm glad that he gets another couple of terms to learn some more skills before it gets too serious, and they actually get strict on the rules.

At the moment it is all about having fun, and learning different basketball skills and rules. Jay especially loves going and playing games. It is nice that his cousin Henry is also doing it again. Hopefully when they divide them into teams they will still be in the same team again.

Watching Jay train makes me miss playing, but I can't imagine running up and down the court right now when I have this huge 'basketball' up my top! :) At the moment I am happy to just watch.


  1. Yep Marge leave it to the younguns. Us older people can't keep up anymore. haha

    One day when were a little more fit perhaps.

  2. How cute, the mini basketball players! I know the basketball up the top feeling! I miss playing sports! When do we get to see pics of your bubba belly?!


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