Sunday, 24 February 2008

Meeting Annie

This afternoon we made a quick visit to hospital, so the boys and Aaron could meet little Annie.

The boys were so excited to see her and were peering over to her and rubbing her and holding her hands.

Noah was so funny as he could hear Annie crying after she had a bath and his eyes got so big and he kept looking over in her direction. You could tell he was wondering what all the noise was about!

It was cute watching his reaction as he had a hold.

I took the boys up the hall to get a drink and Jay sarcastically said that he 'can't wait to have all that crying in our house!'. He acts like he is dreading it, but deep down I think he is so excited to meet his little brother.

Bec's sister - Louise and her kids Bella and Will were also there. It was nice to catch up with them again (notice Aaron keeping the boys entertained by making a chicken out of gloves!).


  1. Baby Annie is SO gorgeous! Makes me so excited to think about finally meeting our little bub in a few months. Hope your pregnancy is going you have any names that you like?
    xo Holly

  2. Hi Holly
    We know we are having another boy and it has been hard to come up with a third boys name, but we have decided on one. Keeping it a surprise though, since everyone already knows we are having a boy :)

  3. What a cutie she is and the boys look very comfortable having a hold. It would be nice to have one UNDER 9 pounds this time eh?

  4. Annie is beautiful and I just love the expression on Noah's face while he holds her.


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