Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Eden the Builder

Today I drove out to Mum and Dad's to pick up the boys and to watch some of the action at Eden's block. Today they were pouring the slab so it is getting very exciting as it is starting to look like there will be a house there very soon! It is great watching Eden in action. Although I know that Eden and Jared are both builders (almost for Jared) it is still hard to imagine it, so it is great seeing them at work. Eden had a great 'apprentice' today - Jordan.

It was nice to spend a bit more time with Chloe too. She is such a cutie and talks so well. As soon as she saw Noah she said 'Noah!'. Mum said she also says 'Jay Jay' for Jalen all the time.

She was all over Noah - wanting to sit next to him all the time and kept rubbing his face and giving him kisses. It was very cute. It's funny how little kids are always fascinated with him.

The boys were so excited as Auntie Steph went to Deloraine and promised them fizzy drinks and chips when she got back.

Harri and Jay had a great time staying at Mum and Dad's, but Harri was VERY tired and grizzly. He needed his 'blankie' as he was so tired, so Mum had to go back to the house to find it. After a while I got sick of the grizzling, so I knew it was time to go home. I said to Harri that if he is going to be so grumpy after he stays at Grandma and Grandpa's then he won't be able to stay again, and Mum got excited and said 'is that a threat or a promise!?'. I think Mum is just as tired as the boys are. By the time we hit Deloraine on the way home, Harri was sound asleep.

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  1. Yes I am tired, but I had a fun time with the boys, they crack me up. From the photos, guess who is going on a huge diet? but the C.F.S. will fix that up good and proper Love Mum xxxx


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