Thursday, 14 February 2008

School's back!

I love school holidays as we get to sleep in, get to do whatever we want and have no routine, but I also love it when school goes back and I can get back into a routine.

Jay has been SO excited about going back to school for weeks now. This year his teacher is Mrs Bond and he is in a straight grade three. Supposedly Mrs Bond is really into computers and they do a lot of fun computer work, so Jay was sold when she told them that last year! I am really happy that most of the kids that he was in Kinder with are back in his class this year. It seems like it will be a really lovely class and his teacher should be great. Supposedly she is quite strict, but fun so that is just what Jay needs. When Jay got to class this morning he told his teacher that he was so excited he could hardly sleep for the past few days!

Noah on the other hand decided that he was going to sleep all morning and was still asleep when I dropped him off at school! With his new med change he has been so happy and hyped up - especially at night. Last night when I got home after going out for tea he was still wide awake in bed. Then at 4am he decided he was going to be wide awake and squealed for about half an hour - as he was so happy. I got up to him and told him to go to sleep as he was going to be tired for school, but he just smiled at me and let out another squeal! He was having a lot of seizures, which were making him smile. I like the ones that make him happy - but not at 4 in the morning!

Needless to say he was exhausted when Aaron pulled him out of bed at 7.30am so I could get him ready. One great thing about Noah is that even if he is asleep I can still get him dressed, feed him, give him his meds and send him off to school! Hopefully by now he has woken up and can enjoy his first day. This year he has the same teacher - Mrs Stackhouse and he is in a Prep again. He should be in grade 1, but we discussed it with the school and decided that he would do a lot better in a Prep with the atmosphere, so he is there again. We have a joke going, saying that he didn't learn to write his name last year so he has been held back.

This morning when Jay was getting ready, Harri said 'where's my school shoes Mum?'. I reminded him that he wasn't going to school yet - that he had to be four to go to school and he burst into tears and said 'no, I AM going to school - my Kinder is finished now!' (they have been building a new Kinder at the main campus of school). Poor Harri - he would love to be at school as well, but I told him he needs to stay home with me to help me with the new baby. He is okay now they are at school and I am enjoying the peace and that I can clean up and it stays clean!

Aaron was feeling a little nervous, but excited about the students starting at school today. This year he is teaching Grade 9 and 10 maths, P.E and I.T. He is also the Grade 9, grade leader which will keep him very busy, but he is looking forward to it.


  1. Jay looks so excited to be going back to school but Noah obviously thinks there are better things to do.
    Hope they both had a wonderful first day of school.

  2. Hey Lisa
    Yeah I did have a blessing on Sunday Rob came around and helped Sam. It is so wonderful knowing that we have that extra help no matter what happens :) Sezza will come over tomorrow morning and dress it for me and give her opinion so thats also a real comfort. I love your blog - you are about the only one updating regularly enough for me - being as I am on the net killing time all day ;p - or at least every few hours. Love you

  3. Well it,s good to know Jae is enjoying school again this year. You loved school Lisa, and it sounds like Harri is going to be exactly the same as you. Sorry to hear about Di,hope she,s back on board soon.It will be good when you get Noah's meds all sorted out.And yes your'e right about the chooks, Harri has already freaked out about the chooks, and they weren,t even out of the box!!!!!Definately not farm boys, but then again I wouldn,t have called you a country girl when it came to the animals so it must be genetic. Love MUMxxxxx


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