Monday, 11 February 2008

Billy carts, wheelbarrows and trucks

Last night it was great to go around to Mick and Bonnie's house for tea to catch up. We had hardly seen each other all summer (especially as Bonnie and I haven't been to the gym for ages), so it was great to finally see each other again.
The boys had a great time being dragged around the yard by the boys, going on the billy cart and being pushed around in a wheelbarrow. Jake, Arron and Brad all looked so hot and tired by the end of it! I'm sure they were very glad to see the boys go!

As we were leaving Jay told me to come into the shed to look at Mick's truck.

It is incredible how clean Mick keeps it! He very happily (not!) stood in front of it for me for a photo! :)

Hopefully with school going back this week, Bonnie and I will see each other a bit more regularly at the gym.

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