Monday, 11 February 2008

I need my Daddy!

It is great that Aaron is a teacher as he is home with us all Summer. Today was a sad day - this morning Aaron had to set the alarm clock again and go back to work :( I shouldn't complain as not many people get 11 weeks paid holidays per year.

When Harri woke up at 8am he came out and asked 'where's Daddy?'. I told him that he had gone to work because the holidays have finished and he burst into tears and said 'I need my Daddy!'. His face was soooooo sad. I told him he could ring Daddy at work and talk to him and he did, but the whole time he just sobbed and sobbed telling Aaron that he needed him. I just had to grab the camera to catch the moment as it was so sad, but cute at the same time.

Poor Aaron felt bad and told me to cheer him up as it was making him feel sad too. It didn't take long till he was okay, but on the way back from the gym this morning he asked me again where Aaron was. I reminded him that he was at school because the holidays have finished and said that Jay and Noah will also be going to school on Thursday and Harri says 'and me too!'. He is so ready to start school but has another year to wait. It is going to be hard for him when both the boys go to school on Thursday as well.

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  1. Oh, Lisa that is the saddest face, poor Harri.


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