Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A beautiful day at Taronga Zoo!

Today we were so excited when we woke up and we could see blue sky! Noah also woke up in a happy mood, so we knew it was going to be a good day. We were so excited that we could take the boys to the zoo like we had wanted to all week. Harri wasn't too sure about going to the zoo as he must have assumed that there were just animals roaming around. He kept saying that he didn't want to go as it was 'too scary' and that he didn't want to see the dinosaurs! When we got there though, he was very excited, especially when we explained that the animals would be behind fences and he would be safe.

We first of all headed to the reptile area.

There was a volunteer standing there with a snake for people to come up and touch, so the boys were so excited to go over and have a feel. Aaron LOVES snakes for some reason and was thrilled to be able to touch a real live snake. Noah was so funny. Aaron helped him reach out to feel it and he got a huge big grin on his face!

The boys loved looking at all the lizards and snakes and Harri would run up to the next thing and say 'look at that!'.

We couldn't get over the amazing view the whole day. It was nice that we could see the harbour properly with the sun out. Harri kept pointing to he Harbour Bridge saying 'look Mum - the Sydney Opera House!' and kept telling me that it was on his Wiggles DVD.

After the reptiles we went to the African Waterhole area. This was my favourite part as we got to see the giraffes, zebra, lions, chimpanzees and hippo. The boys absolutely loved the chimps - especially one that picked his nose right in front of them! The things that amuse boys!

While we were eating lunch Harri says 'we haven't seen the elephants yet - there's no elephants here?'.

All the way to the zoo he kept talking about seeing the elephants, so he was excited when we finally did see them.

Aaron and the boys loved the gorilla's and spent ages watching them.

Just near the elephants was an area called 'the beach'. It was a little area where the kids could get in some shallow water and have a splash, so of course the boys were keen to get in. We stripped Harri's shorts off, but that didn't stop him coming out soaking wet! Every few minutes there would be a big spray of water that would get the kids all wet. Jay and Harri loved standing right in it! Lucky it was a hot day and they dried off pretty quick.

Noah was so good all day - really happy and settled all day which was nice.

When we got to the bottom we caught the Sky Safari back up to the top. The boys loved going up and seeing the harbour and especially loved it when we went over the top of the elephant enclosure. I was actually a bit nervous as it swung around a bit, and I could see on Harri's face that he was too, so I was trying to be brave for him and kept saying how fun it was - but really I was freaking out!!

We were really tired after walking around for hours, so we quickly wizzed through the Australian animal section before heading to the gift shop to get a few souvenirs. Jay chose a monkey soft toy and Harri chose a little crocodile soft toy. They had such a great day and Jay kept saying how it was the 'best day in Sydney' and how much he loved the zoo. The boys were more excited about it all than I expected. It was nice to have them all so happy.
On the way home Harri, Aaron and I all fell asleep! Not long after we got home the rain started up again and there was a huge thunder storm! It is supposed to be raining again tomorrow. We are so glad that it was at least sunny for a couple of days so we could take the boys to the zoo.


  1. What an awesome looking zoo. I'm so glad Chrish has a comp and blogger stuff all set up. See i don't need a holiday. I can just live vicariously through yours. Don't worry it has been raining here too. Not missing much.

  2. It was really hard to tell who were the real apes. I don't think Bindie and Terri are really going to worry too much about the Kings taking on their roles as the fearless wildlife warriors from Tassie Love Mum

  3. Ha ha looks like you had fun.
    I was looking really hard @ Jay on the Giraffe and thought how come I never got to sit on a Giraffe. It took me a while to realize it wasn't real. =]
    I love thunder storms. There are so much fun.
    Do they boys like the thunder and lighting?

  4. I loved looking at your pictures. Reminded me of when we were there last year (seems like ages ago) We had photos in lots of the same places. It's great that the weather was good for you!

  5. That is such a neat zoo, cool to see the boys so excited and I just love the picture of Noah with the snake.

  6. Ah those were the days. Seems just like yesterday :)

    Enjoyed having you guys here, hope you had a fun 5 days

  7. Hi guys. I love the Zoo there. It's been a long time since I was there. Yeah they let me out. Boy was that a mistake! Luv the monkey photo, but hey wait a minute who's who? hee hee ha ha

  8. Okay - who is the anonymous comment with no name!? Someone who obviously thinks we look like monkeys!? ha ha


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