Monday, 11 February 2008

Hot Date!

Today Mum came to visit while Dad went to pick up some new chooks. When I told Harri that Grandma was going to be at our house he said 'Harri and Jay go to Grandma's house and Daddy, Mummy and Noah stay home' - meaning that he wanted to go and stay the night.

Harri has never stayed anywhere overnight without us, but is always asking if he can. Jay on the other hand has never wanted to stay anywhere and every time we suggest it he stresses out and gets teary and worried about it. He has never even stayed at Mum and Dad's without us! When Harri asked Mum if they could stay the night and she said it was up to me, Jay started freaking out and getting very teary saying he didn't want to because he would miss us. I told him that it would be okay as he would have Harri with him and Uncle Eden and Auntie Steph are also there and Chloe and they would have heaps of fun helping Grandpa with the new chooks.

He didn't seem convinced and said he had to go and think about it. A few minutes later Harri informed us that he was on his bed crying and 'still thinking'. It took about 15 minutes to convince him that it would be fun and okay to go and Grandma telling him that he could have cocoa pops for breakfast pretty much convinced him to go!

Eden and Steph's slab for their house is being laid tomorrow morning so we thought it would be fun to go and see that happen, so I told the boys I would come out and pick them up in the morning and we would watch the cement truck come.

After a little while Jay seemed more excited to go, but he made sure that he had our phone number so he could ring me up to talk to us when he got there! You would think they were going to another state or something!

Harri was so excited to go out to the car and say goodbye.

When Aaron got home I told him they had gone with Mum and Dad and that we should make the most of it and go out for tea. I have been trying for ages to get Aaron to try the yummy Thai restaurant down the road and he finally agreed to give it a go! It was as yummy as usual and so relaxing to just take Noah out (plus he is a very cheap date as he doesn't eat anything!).

When we got home there was a message from Jay on the message bank saying he was trying to ring but we must be on the phone or Grandma and Auntie Steph said we may have gone on a 'hot date'. I rang him straight away and Mum was very relieved that I did as she said he was just starting to get very worried, and just said that I might be dead!! He is such a worrier!!!

When I told him we went on a hot date he laughed and asked me what we did with Noah. I told him that he came on the hot date too and he thought that was very funny. They were both having lots of fun and supposedly Harri freaked out when the chooks were let out! What fun for Mum and Dad! I think they will be glad when I pick them up in the morning :)


  1. Weet Weel. Lovers.

    I'm thinking you may be getting a call later on tonight from Jay.

  2. I hope Jalen goes OK tonight - Patrick is the same and hasn't stayed anywhere except Megan's once - and then he had to do a full Positive V Negative aspect analysis! What is it with these boys? Lauren had her bags packed ready to stay away from when she was about 2! I bet they have a great time!

  3. We'll have to send Maddi out to Grandma and Grandpa's and Jared and Becky will have to send Kelsea out next time, so they can have a cousins slumber party! Looks like a good early valentines date.

  4. how cute! its funny how jay and harri are soooo different...i'm sure harri will be the kid that fights the bullies off his big brother! its nice to have a sensitive boy and not all rough and tough!

  5. Oh my gosh - how much you miss when you don't check your blog regularly!!!!!!!! Jay is so funny and Harry (sad about dad) HOW CUTE! Hope you are all enjoying being home (I'm sure your not!) I go to the doc today so I'll let you know how I go- the after hours doctor was lovely (he had a BIG jar of jelly beans on his desk- I'm sure the boys all get one of those when waiting for Noah?! ;)
    Love you

  6. Tried twice to give my exciting blow by blow account of last evening. Took me over a hour with my one finger typing. Steph said she would show me how to do it safely another time!! Loved having the boys look foward to it again GRANDMA XXXXX g

  7. whoo hoo a hot date, good on the two of you! We will have to try that place some time, I always drive past on the way to church and wonder what it's like.


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