Friday, 8 February 2008

Trains, planes and automobiles

For our last day in Sydney we decided to sleep in a little bit, pack our bags and then head into the city before we had to catch our plane at 6.30pm. Aaron, the boys and I caught the train into the city, so that Chrish could take all our luggage for us.

We arrived in the city and grabbed some lunch and was then going to head to Centrepoint Tower to meet Chrish. As we were heading out of the shopping centre we saw that the sun had gone and it was once again bucketing down with rain!! Because it was sunny when we left Chrish's house we left all our umbrellas and ponchos in the car, so I ended up going and buying a heap of new umbrellas and poncho's AGAIN!

We had to walk about 5 blocks - through Martin Place and then to Pitt Street to meet Chrish. It was a very long and wet 5 blocks! I had to end up carrying Harri as he couldn't handle running, plus holding his umbrella, plus dodging the crowds all at the same time! Aaron had a huge umbrella to cover Noah and himself, but by the time we got to the mall his back was absolutely saturated. Jay and I were excited to spot the Channel 7 studios but it was too wet to take a proper look.

We finally worked out how to get up to Centrepoint Tower and hoped that even though the weather was terrible we would be able to get some sort of view from the top. Before we went up the tower we went to a show called 'Oz Trek'. The first part was a hologram show where you sat in seats with headphones on and there was a 3 dimensional scene set up and holograms would appear. It looked great. After each scene the whole seat section would rotate around to another scene. After the hologram show we went into a big theatre which had moving seats and huge screens. Harri and I couldn't go in the motion seats because he was younger than 4 and I am pregnant, but we could definitely feel all the vibration which freaked Harri out enough! Jay really enjoyed it though.

We then went to the top of the tower and were so happy that the weather had cleared up a bit as we got great views. The boys loved it and Harri kept saying over and over again that the Wiggles went to the Harbour Bridge!

Noah's med levels have obviously risen a lot as he was really sleepy all day long. He probably only woke up for about 2 minutes, total all day. We now have to fiddle with the doses etc to get him to a stage where he is awake but still happy and not irritable. I was so glad though that he was awake for most of the week and had a great holiday. It was nice that we could enjoy it without having him being really upset all week.

After going up the tower we headed back to the train station to get to the airport. We were lucky this time as the rain had stopped and it was fun to go through different shopping centres and see some more of the city. We went through the Queen Victoria Building which was beautiful and I could remember going there on a temple trip.

Aaron and I were very proud of ourselves - catching the trains on our own with no problems (except three kids!!).

We didn't have to wait long at the airport for Chrish to arrive with our bags. It was lucky that we had gotten to the airport early as it took ages to organise getting Noah's car seat and wheelchair on the plane and where we were all going to be sitting. The staff at Jetstar were great though and couldn't do enough to help us.

We had enough time to have some tea before catching the plane, and had to decide between either a Boost juice or Krispy Kreme's. Krispy Kreme's won out and I think Harri was very happy with the decision!

Our plane was supposed to leave at 6.30, but flights were being rescheduled and cancelled everywhere. Some planes were even boarded, and then all the passengers had to come off as they cancelled the flight once they were on. After 5 gate changes we finally got to sit down at one lounge for more than ten minutes but had a two hour delay on our flight. The boys didn't mind all the gate changes as they got to keep riding the escalators, but once we sat down in one spot they got very bored.

With every plane that Harri saw he kept asking 'is that our plane!?'. We were just glad that our flight wasn't cancelled as so many others were because of the weather.

Harri was so tired and fell asleep not long after we took off. We finally arrived home at 10.10 pm and was so happy to see Kylie who had come to pick us up. It is nice to be home, but we were also sad to leave Sydney and Chrish. We had a fantastic trip, despite all the rain.


  1. Harri must have had a really good time because there are so many photos of him asleep, also Noah.So you mastered the trains! They freak me out, can,t ever relax thinking about getting on one, actually getting on one and then being on one then you have to worry about getting off one.I would rather bungy jump if I had a choice,and now you have all developed a fetish for umbrellas, never heard of that one before.

  2. Lisa it was great getting to share in your vacation. The view from the tower was awesome. Glad you made it home safe and had such a nice time.

  3. Okay Mum - is that you leaving an anonymous comment without putting your name to it!? I can't tell, now that you have mastered punctuation when typing! :)

  4. Yep It's me. Aren't you proud of me?Love Mumxxxxx

  5. your husband looks hot and sexy!!!!


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