Sunday, 3 February 2008

Showery Sydney Sunday

Today we headed into the city and went to Paddy's market and Darling Harbour. When we got out of the car Harri said 'Sydney's cool!'. On the way to Paddy's market we walked past the Entertainment Centre and the boys were so excited to see a plaque on the path for The Wiggles.

While we were in the market it started absolutely pouring down with rain, so we ended up buying a couple of umbrellas and waited in the market until the rain died down a bit, before we headed over to Darling Harbour.

We made a dash for it, but we still all got pretty drenched.

After having lunch the boys thought it looked like fun to go under the water sprinklers with their umbrellas.

It was lucky that we had bought Harri a t-shirt at the market as he tilted his umbrella so much that the water just sprayed right under the umbrella and got him really wet! He thought it was hilarious, and I couldn't help but laugh.

We then made a dash for the Aquarium in the pouring rain and by the time we got in there we were saturated. I thought there was supposed to be some kind of drought in NSW!?

While we were lining up to get tickets a guy came up to Aaron and asked him if he was going to the Aquarium. Aaron said we were and the guy then put his hand out and shook Aaron's hand and said it was nice to meet him and left him with two adult tickets to get in! It saved us about $50!

Noah had been pretty happy most of the morning, but was starting to be a bit grizzly, so once we got into the aquarium I got him out of his chair and sat down with him for 10 minutes or so while the boys started to look around. He settled down so we then all looked around together. The boys were so excited - especially when they saw the huge crocodile. Harri kept saying it was 'scary' and 'dead' but after a little while it finally moved a leg.

The best thing was going in the underwater tubes to see the seals and sharks.

On the way out we bought a couple of things including some plastic poncho's in the gift shop. It was so funny seeing the boys in their poncho's - especially Harri who kept tripping over it as it was so long. We kept tucking it up in his shorts but it kept coming back out, so I ended up having to rip the bottom of it off.

Despite the pouring rain it was a really fun day. Harri was exhausted - especially since they didn't get to bed till after midnight last night.

Before we came back home, Chrish drove round and round the city to find Krispy Kreme Donuts for Aaron. It topped off a great day.

Chrish is spoiling us rotten and has cooked up a beautiful roast chicken and vegies for tea, and won't let me do anything to help. Harri is all over him and all day we have been hearing 'Uncle Chrish, Uncle Chrish', and wants him to do things with him. In the aquarium Harri said 'Uncle Chrish is our friend!'.

We just heard on the weather that it is going to be raining all week while we are here, so we will probably have to brave the zoo in the rain as we really wanted to take the boys there to see the animals, and we know we won't get the opportunity again for a while.


  1. sounds like you are having a great time hope the weather picks up for you Harry cracks me up love Mum say hi to chrish for me!!!!!!!

  2. how fun! your ponchos are cracking me up!!! wow - its a lovely story about that man giving you two tickets to the aquarium, how blessed! we come to sydney tonight so i am guessing i need a bit of wet weather gear!?

  3. Tone - it is pouring so much! It is supposed to rain all week. We are going to attempt to head into the city today and hope the rain dies down so we can go to the Zoo on Wed.

  4. I think Fil's wedding will be rather soggy on Friday :( We have had so much rain the last six months! You should see all the mud at our house with the building. If you want to drop in anytime feel free although we're pretty far away from Chrish's house. The good thing is it's not too chilly and the ponchos are a good idea - does Noah mind the rain??

  5. Sounds like your having fun! Pity about all the rain!
    ALso maybe on the way home get the boys to chew gum when your landing and taking off, it always helps my ears! Emjoy your holiday!
    Cas xo

  6. Looks like so much fun, that aquarium looks so neat. Glad you are all having a lovely time. Didn't know you guys had Krispy Cream over there, yummmmmy. Hope the rest of your vacation is awesome.


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