Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Wii Fun

We had so much fun at Chrish's house playing his Nintendo Wii, that I caved in when we got home and surprised the boys by getting one. We didn't spend as much money as we thought we would in Sydney, so when we saw them on special at Kmart when we got home, I told Aaron I would go down and put one on layby. When I got there I changed my mind and decided I would just buy it and surprise them all. It was also the first day of school, so I thought it would be a nice surprise when they all got home from school.

I talked to Aaron during the day and told him that I just bought it, and he was like a little boy at Christmas! When I picked up Jay from school he asked if I had put one on layby. I told him I had and he was very excited. I wasn't going to tell him I bought it until the very last minute (after we had had the big talk about trying hard at school this year) but when we got home Harri went into my bedroom and came out carrying it (and it was very heavy!) and stands in front of Jay going 'ta da!'. Jay's face was priceless!! He just stood there with his mouth open and then just about wet himself with excitement!!

It is so funny watching the boys play it. They get so excited and into it. Harri has surprised us and is getting pretty good at it!

I like it so much more than the Playstation, which I have never been into. It is fun actually standing up and moving around like you really are playing tennis, golf, ten pin bowling or baseball. It is especially lots of fun when I beat Aaron :) The first night Aaron and I played it together after the boys went to bed and we were both so hot and sweaty. We must have looked hilarious jumping around our lounge room playing tennis! It definitely gives you a work out - maybe I won't have to go to the gym so often! ;) The next morning I woke up with sore tummy muscles and a sore right arm!

It's a great motivator too - I have never seen Jay so keen to do his jobs after school, and to do some reading or homework before!


  1. How funny- I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching you guys play!!!! Brad has one and I know how funny Shady and I were when we played it (we never had video games growing up) so I was quite unco. :)

  2. My arm was sore for days after you guys left, think I'm only just recovering.

    Tell Aaron We have some more doubles to play.

  3. Lisa the expressions on the boys faces say it all. Looks like so much fun maybe I need to get one so I can get some exercise.

  4. Lisa my stupid blog isn't working properly! I have been trying to add more friend contacts- like louise and Dan and Lou Lou. I can paste the contact link but it will not add for some reason! Can you help?- it may be my computer it has been running slow lately (too many photos on it) :)

  5. Hahaha!
    Jared played his friends one!
    He is now waiting until after the wedding and then he said he is getting one no matter what! They are pretty fun though! And heaps better as kids don't just sit on the couch being lazy, it's interactive and fun! They should bring out an aerobics one! :)
    Cas xo

  6. That,s a typical "Harry look" if I ever saw one!! Love Mum xxxx

  7. What a cool Mum you are to surprise your kids like that!!
    My boys would DIE if they came home to one as well, they want a Wii so bad!

  8. How much fun!! Win would die with happiness if I bought a Wii but he had so many mod cons I will not feed his addiction. Good luck with your tennis elbow!


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