Saturday, 1 March 2008

"I hate it!"

Harri has always been a pretty good eater, but Jalen's eating habits are starting to rub off on him. Jay is fussy like his Dad! :( Usually Harri will just sit and eat anything that you give him - he will sometimes moan about broccoli, but will always give in and eat it in the end.

The other night I made a tuna 'impossible' pie which I hadn't made for a while. It was actually really yummy (even Jay and Aaron liked it!), but because it was different Harri decided to sit there and sulk and said 'I hate it!', even before he tried it! His face says it all!! He was really showing off as he knew he was being cute and would do a silly, sulky pose for me and would then crack up laughing - what a show off! In the end he tried it and didn't mind it :)


  1. What a face, tooooo cute

  2. ohhhh dont I know all about little kretons who do that at the dinner table!!!! But he is so adorable!!!

  3. I see that face every night!!!


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