Saturday, 23 February 2008

Annie Elizabeth Harrington

What a great day! This afternoon at around 4pm, Bec gave birth to a beautiful little girl - Annie Elizabeth.

She is absolutely beautiful and so tiny!

It was so nice to have a little cuddle. Scary to think that soon we will have one this small though! :) Well - maybe not quite so tiny since my three boys have all been so huge! :)

Bec looked amazing - you wouldn't think she just gave birth a few hours earlier! She was so calm and natural with her. Bec and Tone will both be great parents.

It is so nice to see them so happy. It is a very emotional day for everyone. We know how much they miss Andy, and are so glad little Annie is finally here - safe and well.


  1. Lisa Annie is such a beautiful little doll. Just gorgeous! I, thrilled for Bec and Tony. Please give them my best regards Love Mum.

  2. she is so adorable. i am so happy for bec, she deserves nothing but the best after all she has been through.

  3. She is just precious, my favorite is the picture of her yawning.

  4. ohh she is precious... and they all looks sooo happy! But yeah.... a baby that small scares me! not long now and it will be us!


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