Saturday, 9 February 2008

We miss Uncle Chrish!

I have spent the last couple of days grocery shopping, paying bills and getting photos printed from our trip to Sydney as well as other photos from the Summer. I haven't got any photos developed for so long - they are all just sitting on my computer, but I thought I should print some out as the boys would love looking at photos from the different things we have been doing lately.

While Harri was looking at the photos from out trip to St Helen's he asked 'we go to Helen's house another day and Uncle Chrish come?'. I told him Uncle Chrish could come if he wanted and he told me that he could sleep in the bedroom next to Noah.

It was nice that we could spend so much time with Chrish. He is such a great brother and so kind and generous (sometimes too much!). It was nice to finally see his home he has bought. Harri hasn't stopped talking about him since we come home and it is no wonder - he spoiled us so much! The boys loved being able to sleep in his bed and watch TV every night and morning.

They loved having breakfast cereal that they normally wouldn't have at home, and also loved Uncle Chrish's food cupboard which was stocked up with yummy food :)

We all had a great time playing his new Nintendo Wii, and especially loved his big plasma TV! Our TV looks sooooo tiny now that we are back!

We love Chrish's awesome driving around Sydney! Sometimes it scares the crap out of me (any sort of driving in Sydney scares the crap out of me!), but he definitely knows what he is doing.

One thing I didn't love was his internet connection :) I shouldn't complain - at least I could blog while I was up there - even if it did take me hours every night to get my hundreds of photos uploaded!

Aaron said to me on the way home that he will miss Chrish a lot. We all will, until we see him again at Easter time.


  1. I miss Chrish too and I wasn,t even there with you guys, but we could watch on the sidelines, and sort of be on holidays with you all MUM.

  2. Lisa, sounds like you had a nice trip up here. Check out my blog for pics of Filipa's wedding yesterday, it was awesome. Tom & Ann were at our place for lunch today and are heading back to Tas tomorrow. Maybe next time you're in Sydney we can catch up?

  3. I could just imagine Christian being the best bro out!!Wish I had a brother like that. Or just a brother fullstop would be nice too.

  4. What an uncle - hope Cade and Ty take some leaves out of Chrish's book! He is a fantastically caring Uncle.

  5. so glad you had such a nice time, aren't relatives great.


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