Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Back to swimming

Today Harri started back at swimming lessons. I thought I had better get one more term of lessons in before the baby is born, and for weeks now he has been asking me to go swimming, so he was very excited today. Because Noah can't go to school at the moment he had to come along and watch. I was dreading that he would have a seizure or be grumpy while we were in the pool, but he was very well behaved :) It was funny watching the parents faces as I walked in with the boys. No one ever has any idea that we have Noah, so when they see me with the wheelchair they are really interested. I often get asked if he is my son.

Its amazing how much more confident Harri is in the water now! He told me he was getting in by himself and I wasn't allowed to help him and he just kept jumping in and going under and not caring.

While we were getting changed one of the Mum's asked me if we had spoken at the Make a Wish ball last year. I told her that we had and she said that she was there with her husband and said how much they enjoyed the talk and how she recognised Noah from the slides we showed. It seems like everyone knows Noah today! Last year we had to give a speech at the Make a Wish ball and then at the dinner for the Education Department within a week of each other! It was a scary week, but obviously both talks left an impact which is good. I hate doing things like that, but if I know it is going to help people understand more everyday life with a child with a disability then I am happy to do it.


  1. Hmmmmm Well it wont allow me to select 'add link' - the text is grey not white as it should be. Oh well I will have to keep trying at different times until I finally get it :)

  2. I love that slide show! It is Soooo touching :)

  3. Pregnant Siobhan at the gym was asking all about Noah today too after she asked where you were and I explained you were training up a new carer. I told her there was something about Noah which melts your heart.

  4. Lisa it is neat that so many people have heard about Noah. wonderful for you to have such a positive influence on all these people.


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