Friday, 1 February 2008

Bloggers Beach

On Monday (Australia Day) we went to Hawley Beach to catch up with family and to see Steph and Chloe for the first time since they have moved down from Sydney. It was great to see them and funny as we felt like we already knew all about Chloe from seeing her photos and hearing about her on Steph's blog, even though we haven't seen her since she was tiny.

Mum and Dad don't know themselves with so many grandkids now.

It was a beautiful day, so we all decided to walk over to the island while the tide was out. My Dad and Harri didn't last long, and turned around once the water got near their knees!

It was nice to see 'little' Alex again. He was so cute, sleeping away in the tent all day.

As the day went on, more and more people that we knew arrived at the beach. It cracked me up as almost everyone there has a blog. The bloggers there were myself, Steph, Becky, Toni, Jackie, Mel, Cade and supposedly Louise is also a closet blogger! The funniest thing was that Aunty Deidre forgot that I was pregnant. Then after about half an hour she goes 'oh - that's right - you are pregnant! I just thought you must have stopped going to the gym!'. It made me laugh as I was thinking that it must have looked strange that I had put on sooooo much weight on my tummy!

Uncle Kim remembered the cricket bat so the' boys' couldn't resist a game of beach cricket.

The water was so warm - especially compared to the water down the East Coast.

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  1. Hello Lisa, how are you?
    I'm glad you have found my blog, i'm just a beginner, but a very addicted beginner.. I had a look at yours too, its fantastic! Your gorgeous kids have grown up so much, and you expecting number 4 aswell... thats so nice.
    Lovely to hear from you, such a great way to keep in contact hey?
    Take care x


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