Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Noah laughing

Noah has been feeling a lot happier since we have changed one of his meds. The other night when Jay and Harri were staying at Mum and Dad's, Noah was laying on the floor and Aaron talked to him and he cracked up laughing! He hasn't laughed for over a year so it was so great to hear it again. Even after we put him to bed he kept giggling till about 11pm!


  1. Noah looks great, it is wonderful to hear that giggle. He sounded like he was trying to tell you a story.
    He does sound a lot like Junior.
    You go Noah, Yaaahhoooo.

  2. Oh I love that laugh. I am so glad you caught that special moment on camera! :) love you guys

  3. It was proberbly your hot date antics with Aaron that has him cracking up :)

  4. How cool is that. And today Noah was grinning away at the gym I noticed. Maybe he thinks its funny you upstairs hefting those weights with your every growing belly.

  5. Your Dad makes me laugh too Noah!
    Keep making him laugh Aaron - maybe you could tell him the one about the Swans who thought they could win, that'll crack him up!


  6. So Much fun! Thank you for sharing Noah's giggles. It's a great idea to capture it on tape for later,
    Karen Krueger


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