Thursday, 21 February 2008

Anyone know a good carer/aide?

Well - it hasn't worked out with Alice. She has decided she is going to go back to uni full time and finish off the year properly and doesn't want to take too much extra on, so we are back to square one trying to find a carer for 4 hours per week at home, plus someone who is wanting to do some relief aide work from time to time.

This is so frustrating! First it was hard to get the hours funded to have help in the home, now it is just hard to find someone reliable, relaxed, willing and able to work!


  1. I'll do it! I'd love to! Is there some way i could bring seth and azhie?

  2. are you serious??? i thought there would be heaps of people around wanting a job like that...if i were in the market for a job, i would so be there. hope it doesn't take long for you to find someone suitable.

  3. Lauren has Mollie Bessell in her class this year. I will ask her carer (Robyn Cordell) tomorrow if she knows anyone.


  4. Thanks Kylie. I have someone in mind to ask, but haven't done it yet. It is good though to know if there is anyone else around. Who would have thought it would be this hard! Mollie is a cutie. Her family came to Camp Clayton with us this year and we know them from when Noah and Molly were in Early Learning together. Her Dad and Mum were funny and said at camp that they wanted the quiet Aaron to come back after he livened up after a few days!

  5. I hope you can find a great carer for Noah quickly.

  6. Hey Lisa

    Thats a shame that things didn't work out. It can be really dissapointing when that happens. I found out that the person that they had lined up for Amelia this year is someone that HAD to be placed and she had a stroke at the end of last year!!!!!! She is off on sick leave already this year so Amelia has a temp aide, shich seems to be working out so far. I tell you what though I am not looking forward to the other woman coming back as Amelia will walk rings around her. Dont know wht they have to put people in positions just because they have permanency rather than look at the needs of the children they are caring for.
    I do hope that you get someone that is good for noah and not just a need to be placed person. Have you thought of NHS as an option in the interim?
    Just a thought.

  7. Hi Angela. I know what you mean - it is so hard to find someone that suits the child - not just because they need a job. NHS have not been the most co-operative when it comes to Noah so I'm not even contemplating sending him there if and when we need to. I would much rather him be at home than there full time for now.

  8. Hopefully the world of blogpost will get the word out and find you someone who will be great for Noah and your family.


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