Sunday, 24 February 2008

Goodbye Summer!

There is a saying here in Tassie that it always gets hotter once school goes back. Most years we have a mild summer and then school goes back and it gets so hot. It is not the case this year! The last week or so has had cold nights and last night I felt really cold and dragged out and extra blanket for Noah's bed. Aaron said to me that it wasn't that cold, but I felt freezing and knew that Noah would feel it too as he is usually colder than normal anyway.

Today we had Stake Conference in Devonport and as we were heading through Deloraine I commented to Aaron that it looked like there was snow on the mountains! As we got closer we saw that there was HEAPS of snow on the mountains! It is supposed to be Summer still! We haven't even reached March yet! I hate to think what this Winter is going to be like. I don't mind the cooler weather, but in Tassie the winter seems to last for 6 months. I can usually handle it as long as we have sunny days, just like today.


  1. I vote we move stake conference to a warmer climate!! Every year i wear summer clothes only to wish i had my leg warmers and uggies on!! That snow would have given mt hotham a run for its money..there was HEAPS:)

  2. HaHa, we have had beautiful sunny 30 degree days here for the last 3 or 4, supposed to be around 25-30 for the rest of the week :)


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