Wednesday, 20 February 2008

We found someone!

I'm so happy as we have found someone to be Noah's relief aide at school and she will also do In Home Support at home for four hours per week. Her name is Alice and she also does some In Home Support for some of Di's other clients, so Di put us onto her. She is so lovely and in her 4th year at Uni, doing Education. She is keen to work with Noah which is nice. Today we met at school and went through some of his school routines etc. Next week she will be trained properly with Di (if she is well enough to be back at work) and will fill in whenever Di is sick. Noah was very spoiled today with the two of them, plus me fussing over him. We were 'excited' as we were hoping Noah would have a seizure while Alice was there, so she could see what they were like. He didn't let us down. Poor Noah - it is one of the few times I was hoping he would have one - and it was a beauty!

I'm so glad that we have found someone who I think will be really good - especially as it is getting closer to the baby arriving! I was worried that we still wouldn't have it organised by then.

Until next Monday (at least) Noah is still home from school. It was nice today to have him up there for a couple of hours and to have all the kids come up and say hi to him. There are a lot of new teachers at school this year, and two of them came up to me today and said hi and said that they were at a talk that Aaron and I did last year at a dinner put on by the Education Department. The talk was about Inclusion, and our experience of Noah going to school. They both said how much they enjoyed it and wanted to come up and meet Noah which was nice.


  1. That is Alice Stevens- she is sister to one of my friends (Clare Stevens who married less than 6 months ago- not sure her new name)from primary, high (school) and college. Alice is lovely. She will do a wonderful job- from what I understand/remember she has been working at St George's since 1st yr. education.

  2. That's great that Noah has a new carer. She looks like a nice person. I'm sure Noah will love her.

  3. Nobody gets excited when I have a fit. Love Mum xxxx

  4. Yes - that is her Clare. She has been working at St Giles for a while (respite centre plus in home support clients) and last year did her 3rd year prac at St George's school. She seems lovely and very calm which is what we need.

  5. Well she looks like a nice person, you can tell alot by a smile. It's good she has been with other kids.

  6. So happy you found a new aide for Noah. Way to go putting on a show Noah,lol.


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