Monday, 4 February 2008

A bad start to a good day

This morning I was the first one to wake up and went to check on the boys. They looked so cute in bed asleep together so I went to grab the camera to take the photo.

I don't think this photo was worth all the hassle, as the strap on my camera came undone and I dropped the camera on the floor, totally smashing the lens on the inside! I didn't realise until I went to take a photo of Harri later on. I couldn't believe that I had wrecked my beloved camera! Luckily it was the 'cheaper' lens of the two. Chrish saved the day and rang all around Sydney trying to price and find a new lens for me. You would think we were in Tassie with how hard it was to actually find one the same size! He finally tracked down a shop in the city that sold them and had one in stock.

It also wasn't a good start to the morning when I switched on the Sunrise weather at 7.30 and heard the guy say that it was going to be raining all day in Sydney - 'very heavily at times'. It had been raining all night and was still pouring down, so we decided that the zoo wasn't going to happen at all. The boys were keen to go on the train at least once while we were here, so we decided instead that we would catch a train into the city to see some of the sites, despite all the rain. The boys were so excited at the train station, especially when a train would wizz past us at high speed. They loved the train ride in. Harri kept asking 'are we in Sydney yet?'.

Our first stop was the camera shop to grab a new lens. It was absolutely pouring down again, so the ponchos and umbrella's made another appearance. I kept thinking that we would get there and they would say they actually didn't have it, but the guy made my day when he did have it.

The boys and I then sat and waited in the train station (to avoid the downpour) while Aaron and Chrish ran to the Virgin Megastore. Aaron spotted it yesterday while we were driving around and was hanging out to go there. We then jumped back on the train and headed to Circular Quay. As the train pulled in Jay kept screaming 'I saw the Sydney Opera House!', so of course Harri started screaming in excitement as well! It was very easy for everyone to spot the tourist with us - especially with my camera hanging around my neck the whole time! :)

The rain had died down a bit which was great as the boys ran straight to the opera house. Jay kept going on about how Australian Idol was there. They ran up the stairs and Jay told me that there were 77 stairs, and I had to put it on my blog! The boys were so excited about being there and seeing everything.

After looking around the Opera House for a while we went and jumped on the ferry to Manly. Even though it was drizzling the boys loved being outside so they could see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Noah was so happy and settled all day. His new med levels must have built up as he was so much happier today. It was nice as we could relax and enjoy it a lot more.

When we got to Manly it was still drizzling, but that didn't stop the boys wanting some icecream.

I went down to check out the beach but it was so drizzly and foggy. There were lots of people out surfing as the waves were huge. It was worth standing in the rain for a bit to check out the cool sand sculpture that someone had made.

While we were waiting for the next ferry back to the city, Aaron and I got some yummy fruit sorbet. Chrish also took the opportunity to have a massage.

We got back to Circular Quay and then jumped back on the train to head back to Chrish's house. The boys were really tired, but Harri was so tired that he was hyped up and was cracking everyone up on the train on the way back.

What started out as a very bad day, ended up being really fun, despite the horrible weather again. It has been especially great to have Noah happy all day long.


  1. Great to hear that Noah is happy again. Sounds like you had a lovely day despite the rain and broken camera. Wow, youguys are doing a whole lot and the you can tell the boys are loving it.

  2. so glad to see you are all having agreat time. maybe Chrishs lawn will benefit from the rain felt strange to go to your house yesterday to get our car and you were'nt there Noah looks happy and that makes me happy. I could just imagine your horror when you found your lens was broken!!! Good old Chrish to the rescue. Good value is Chrish. Always good in a crisis.

  3. okay - who is anonymous!? Im assuming it is Dad as Mum is still learning to put in punctuation when she is typing! ;)

  4. Sounds like your having fun! Sucks about the weather, were gettin heavy rain too! They think it might flood Emerald again! Hope not!
    Cas xo

  5. Hey lisa,

    I can't believe you smashed up your lense!!!!! It sounds like you have had a ball- Love the photo of Jay and Harry. I can tell you anon is not Anna or Kristen as they usually put their name at the end- if that helps?!
    Love you all

  6. I can punctuate! Be grateful for the message.I feel quite proud of myself, seeing I'm only doing this with one finger and it takes me ages to find the letters every time.
    LOL Love Mum xxxxxx

  7. Love the photos, wspecially the one of the bridge and the last pic of Noah. Looks like you guys are packing heaps into your trip!

  8. Hi Lisa
    I can just imagine how you would of felt when your lens smashed...I would of died..You sound like you kept your cool though..
    I can imagine what Sydney weather is like...
    Hope you and your husband can still take the kids to the zoo..
    Have fun..
    Love Jackie

  9. PS..Oh By the way Lisa..
    I forgot to tell you..Your mother is pretty good at typing with 1 finger :)


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