Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A visit from camp friends

Today we had a nice surprise when a lady and her son, that we met at camp dropped in to see us. Her son Daniel was has Downs Syndrome and at camp he would stick his tongue out at me and would wait for me to do it back and then crack up laughing.

Today when he came in he was really shy and wouldn't even look at me. Then I sat in front of him and poked my tongue out at him and he cracked up laughing and was my best friend again! He grabbed my head and planted a big kiss on my forehead.

He sat down and watched The Wiggles with Harri and had a great time. As he was about to leave he grabbed my head again and gave me another kiss. It was nice to see them again and are looking forward to catching up with them again when I work during the Easter school holidays.

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