Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Dusted if off

With Aaron back to work and Noah being home in the past week (he is now finally back at school!), I have had to bite the bullet and dust off the hoist. It usually just sits in our hallway and collects dust. Whenever Aaron is home he does all the lifting, but now I have to do it myself.

We have had the hoist for over a year, but I hate using it. It is so fiddly and takes so long to first of all get Noah all hooked up, then moved and then lowered back down and free from it all. By the time I even think about doing it, I could have picked him up and put him in his wheelchair, and already be out the door.

Noah actually really likes being in it and is used to using one at school. It is nice seeing his face light up, when you are moving him up and down.

Most of the time I still just pick Noah up myself (when Aaron isn't around) and move him the fast way, but I know as I am getting bigger and Noah is getting heavier, I need to use the hoist more. In a few years I won't have any choice but to use the hoist, as he will just be too heavy to pick up. I guess I will just have to keep pumping those weights at the gym to make sure I am strong enough :)

Whenever I decide to use the hoist I need to make sure that I have a lot of time, as Jay and Harri both want to have a turn too, which takes another ten minutes! They think it is soooooo fun!


  1. You will need the hoist for me in my old age, for when I come and live with you and Aaron,break it to him gentley O.K? Mum xxx

  2. Lisa, you're amazing! I used those hoists at work (but with help) and they were still fiddly and tricky to manouver so I think you're doing awesome, especially considering you're pregnant.
    oh, and sorry about freaking Harri out- I didn't know about that bathroom spider incident!

  3. Lisa you need an over head lift.
    The boys look like they are having fun going for a ride and I love the smile on Noah's face.

  4. I can just imagine all the boys having a great time with this, esp Noah's cheeky grin. Has Aaron wanted a turn?

  5. wow, thats a contraption but you need it. I am really noticing lifting things this time... I bend my back way too much. I did some weights yesterday and it was so fun... So have you got a new person yet to help with Noah after your last girl left???


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