Friday, 15 February 2008

Noah's extended 'holiday' :(

As you can see from the clock in the photo above it is mid morning and Noah is home from school - on the second day of school for the year! Noah's aide/carer Di, hurt her back at work (St Giles) last week and has had to go off on workers compo for two weeks! She went to school yesterday, but shouldn't have really been there. She rang me last night to tell me what was going on. So Noah has to stay home until we can work out what to do with him and find a relief aide that is available and also willing to work with Noah.

Even though Noah wasn't going to school today his teacher asked if I would go in and talk to his new class about him. She likes me to tell them why he is in a wheelchair and about his feeding tube, seizures etc and for the kids to ask any questions. It helps them to not be scared around him but to talk to him more. Today it was funny as I was telling them that Noah gets his food down the feeding tube into his tummy and a little boy says 'but you can't put a hamburger down there!'. Another little boy asked how I get him into the car, so we all went out to the car park and they watched me load him into the van with the ramps. The principal was also out there joking around that he was going to put Noah in the back of his ute. The kids thought it was hilarious.

Noah is having another cranky day. At the moment he seems to have 3 or 4 really good days, then a sleepy day and then a cranky day or two. We have just been to see his Dr who is still wanting us to fiddle with meds, so it may be another couple of weeks until we get him sorted out properly :(


  1. Awww poor Noah, hope you can get the aide situation sorted out and also his meds so he is back to his smiling self.

  2. Oh, hope you can find an aide and Noah's med's fixed so his a happy chappy again! I watched the video of him giggling today! So cute! He was really really happy!
    Cas xo


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