Thursday, 14 February 2008

The 'last supper'!

Last night Pip, Bec and I went out for tea - for the last time before Bec's baby arrives in around two weeks! We will have to get together at each other's places for lunch instead - for a little while at least. We decided we needed to go out one last time to celebrate that Bec didn't have to go back to work, my boys were going back to school and Pip's birthday (which is next week).

We decided that our 'last supper' would be at the Greek restaurant. It was so yummy there was so much food! Bec and I always seem to end up ordering the same thing and we always say we will try something new next time, but never do.

We can't wait to meet Bec and Tony's little bundle!

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  1. Have you tried the deserts there? They are SOOOO rich!- even for me!!!! :) Sam had the sam as you and Bec when we went- I had the chicken kababs it is VERY YUMMY


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