Thursday, 11 September 2008

West Warders

We had a busy day today. We all went to see the movie Wall-E. It was Kobe's first movie and we weren't sure how he would go. I was prepared to leave after a little while and go for a walk around town with him while the boys were at the movies, but he was great! He was so interested in watching the big screen and then slept for about half an hour and woke up towards the end and just kept watching the screen. We then had appointments and then went to the Prebbles house for tea. We have missed them heaps since they have moved house and are now in West Ward at church. All day Harri kept asking when we were going to go and play with Lizzie.

Half the family were away - I think its was because they knew the Kings were coming ;) Sam is in Thailand on a school trip, Dale was at work (I'm sure he will fill us in on his riveting day on his blog later!) and Jack popped in for a sec before going to spend the night at a friends house. Lizzie had a cuddle with Kobe, but it was that time of night when he was tired, grizzly and just wanting to go to bed, so he wasn't really co-operating.

Harri was totally hyped and loved running up and down and diving off their stairs into the lounge room with Jay. Scott didn't help the situation and of course hyped them up even more! Harri had so much fun that he decided that he wanted to stay the night, but wanted all of us to stay with him. We told him that it was probably a good idea for us to go home as tomorrow is Jalen's birthday, so that convinced him that coming home was a good idea.

Harri has a thing with dogs. He asked on the way there if they had a dog and I told him it was a nice dog. As soon as he saw him he started to freak out, so they had to lock him out in the sun room all night to keep Harri quiet. Scott though would make jokes all night about Casper the dog and Harri would look around very cautiously. Scott had lots of fun playing with my camera and took this pic of Casper. I think heshould invest in a good camera so we can see some more posts on his blog!

Scott gave us the grand tour of their beautiful house. Jay thought it was very exciting climbing up into the attic to check out the view at night.

It was great to catch up with them - even if only half the family were there ;)

Kobe finally decided to give up grizzling and dropped off to sleep. Scott - this pic is just for you - notice the spaghetti stain!! ;)


  1. What a wonderful night!! Come again any time!

  2. oooohhhhh. I love it when they just nod off (as long as they don't wake with a bang after a minute power snooze).

    Nice house Scott!!


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