Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Pastry Paradise

Today we did the usual school holiday thing and went to Kids Paradise (or parent's hell as Aaron calls it! Paige and Doug - you have to remember that the 'H' word isn't considered to be bad here like it is in the US! LOL). Aaron hates having to chase the boys around, but the boys absolutely love it. The two boys were good though and just had a great time playing with each other while Aaron and I spent time with Noah and Kobe.

Kobe was absolutely fascinated with the ball pit.

While the kids were playing a chef came around asking if anyone wanted to do some cooking in the Pirate Room. As soon as my boys heard that they ran straight there. The guy was great with the kids got them all set up to make their own pastries.

The kids got to decide what to put on their pastries - all different types of fruit and/or custard. It was so simple and easy and all the parents were excited to try it at home.

The boys had lots of fun making them and choosing what to put on theirs .

Harri chose strawberries and Jay chose apple, grapes and a strawberry.

Strawberry and custard were definitely the most popular toppings.

The guy told the kids to go and play, and come back in twenty minutes to get their cooked pastry. They looked sooooo good! The boys tell me that they tasted good too.

We're excited to make them at home sometime. It was a nice morning and fun to do something a little different there. Kobe was exhausted by the end of it!


  1. Oh you make me laugh! "Parent's Hell" looks like a fun place, but I can understand why Aaron calls it that.

  2. wow, looks like so much fun. Those pastries look yummy.

  3. Mmmm, they look so good. Sharing is caring !!

  4. That looks like sooo much fun Lisa..you do some really fun stuff with your boys..sometimes I wish Mel would take her kids out more often on the holidays..

  5. Jackie - we are lucky in that a lot of the stuff we do is free through the school holiday program we are a part of (for kids with disabilities and also their families) and Aaron is on school holidays too.
    I definitely wouldn't attempt doing so much on my own with them and we couldn't afford to do all this fun stuff, all the time without the program.
    Its nice though as the kids do get bored pretty quick, so its nice to get out and do different things.

  6. Yum yum and yum! Pity the boys didn't share some with you guys, although it would have meant a much harder workout at the gym!

    IS this something that they do during school holidays as an extra or was it a one of?

    Cause if it is something they do during school holidays we are so going cause I know Amelia wont eat hers and I can score it.

  7. Hi Angela
    I'm not sure - I've never seen them do it before, so it was a really nice surprise for the boys to do something so fun and different there. I didn't share for the fact that I knew it wasn't worth all the calories I would have to burn off at the gym next week when I get back there ;)

  8. yumo, they look delicious! and you are looking mega skinny...

  9. I have always wanted to dive into one of those areas with all the little coloured balls....one day!
    By the way the receipe is up!

  10. I can tell by Aaron's face in the first photo how much he LOVES Kids Parasite (as I affectionately call it) - either that or he's thinking "I would love a girl so I can do this dress-up and hair stuff ALL the time!"! Barri could be a girls name!

    I thought the mirror said "wanted" ha ha

  11. I totally agree with Aaron. I hate KP. Last time Simon took the kids by himself. I loved it!!


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