Sunday, 28 September 2008

Two Harry's

I just noticed how cute Harri was with Pop in our family photo!! Check out how he is holding Pop's hand.

Pop looked at Harri today and said 'what's this one's name?' as I think he knew it was Harri, but wanted to check. I said it was 'Harrison', but we call him 'Harri' and he smiled and said 'I thought so' (Pop's name is Henry, but everyone calls him Harry). I wouldn't blame him not knowing his name - as he has something like 49 great grand kids! During Uncle Chayne's speech he must have said 'Harry' at one stage as Harri came over to me and asks 'is he talking about me!?'.


  1. Your boys are just beautiful and I wish they were in our primary class.. i know they love to sing and they will be good when you have your primary presentation..i felt really bad when i told harry we weren't having classes..harry got to say the opening prayer for primary and did it all on his own..he volenteered..

  2. I'm sorry Jackie as I had revved Harri up saying he was going to be in Hallie's Primary Class as I knew he was going to be a bit funny going to another primary! Jay told me he said the prayer and cracked everyone up saying 'Dear Heavenly Father, what did we do today!?'. He always does that during family prayer!

  3. Theres definitely a familiy resemblance coming through in that pic!


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