Friday, 12 September 2008

Something to Smile About!

I got a surprise email today telling me that a photo I entered in the Centro Properties Group, Smile competition was a finalist! A while back I posted a blog and my friend Kylie commented that I should send the photo into the competition at Centro Meadow Mews.

I thought I would and ended up entering about 10 photos in the competition all together - a few of the boys with Kobe, some nature ones, one of Aaron's grandparents and one of Dad and Pop on the scooter during the ANZAC march this year. You had to just enter any photo that made you smile.

When they said one of the photos was a finalist I was thinking it was probably one of the boys or Kobe. I rang them to see if they could tell me which one it was and it was this one! I think some of the others I entered were way better than this one, and I totally forgot I even entered it. I rang Nan and Pop to tell them and Nan is excited to come into see it.

The photo is going to be displayed at Meadow Mews from next Monday until the 3rd of October, along with the other finalists. I doubt it will win, but I'm just excited that it made it as one of the finalists. I'm not sure how it is even judged - whether by votes by the public or by a panel. If it is by votes I'm sure you will all go up there and vote for it :)

The prize for the winner at the centre is a camera and printer package, and the national winner wins $10,000. Wouldn't that be nice! ;)


  1. Your photos are awesome because they are REAL and I hope you win!!

  2. That's a great photo - will appeal to lots of people. The public get to vote - they have voting cards down there. Good luck!


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