Monday, 1 September 2008

My Spring Birthday Boy

Today is a great day - first day of Spring and Harri's 4th birthday. He was 13 days overdue. I think he decided that the first day of Spring looked like a good day to finally arrive. For the past week he has been waking up and straight away asking 'is it my birthday today!?'. This morning he got up and came into the lounge room and asked 'am I four now!?'. He was very excited. He loves a cartoon called Ben 10. For months he has been saying he wants a Ben 10 watch for his birthday, and this morning his wish came true.

He got money to spend from Aaron's family, so after the gym today we went shopping. He thought it was great being able to buy anything (within limits!) that he wanted. He chose a game for the Playstation - Sonic Heroes. Aaron is the cake maker in our house and he asked Aaron a week ago if he would make him a Sonic cake.

He got to choose what we had for tea, and chose to go to Hungry Jacks. It was actually really nice as we had the WHOLE place to ourselves the whole time we were there!

Aaron was not happy with the Carlton toy that Harri got in his kids meal, so he went up and asked the girls if they had a Hawthorn one that he could swap it with.

I think Aaron was more excited than Harri, when they found the last Hawthorn one for him.

We had a quiet family night - well as quiet as it can be in the King house - and that isn't very quiet at all! ;)

Harri was very pleased with all his presents including lots of Ben 10 toys and a Ben 10 game for the playstation. All day he kept asking me 'is it still my birthday!?'. I wonder if he will think its still his birthday tomorrow. The best present was that his foot is now feeling a lot better and he was able to walk on it again today :)


  1. I'm so glad Harrison's foot was better so he could enjoy his day. Great cake Aaron - I know who to ring next year now! Lauren got a Ben 10 watch too for her "party day" early present.

  2. So glad that dear little Harri had a lovely day, and that his foot is better. Aaron you,re pitiful changing his toy,but we have learnt that you are loyal to the team at all times. Love Mum xxx

  3. Ben 10 is like the coolest thing yeah! Well, that is what Melekai tells me. It is certainly all the rave at our place...hope he had a good day!

  4. Happy Birthday Harri, looks like you had a great day.

  5. Glad Harri could walk for his birthday. Looks like he enjoyed it and the cake is awesome!

  6. hi lisa
    you did a great job on the birthday looks really great and i bet it taste good too..


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