Thursday, 25 September 2008


I always find it fascinating how newborns absolutely hate having their clothes off at first. Whenever you change them or bath them, they scream blue murder. Then a few months later, they absolutely love being in the nude and having baths!

Now whenever we strip Kobe off he gets sooooo excited - flapping his arms and kicking his legs, as he knows he is going to have a bath.

If only my other boys were as excited about having a bath! :)


  1. Put those photos aside for next years Smile with Centro!

  2. What a cutie!! I love baths too ;)

  3. he he! My 3 older girls HATE the thought of having a bath. Once they are in they are fine but sometimes it's a battle to get them in!!! Rowan LOVES them and screams when I get her out!!! How adorable is Kobe's smile!!!!!!!

  4. Who is that cute chubby little boy?

    I love a good book and a bath on cold days

  5. Lisa, Kobe is so adorable, I just want to put my head through my moniter and kiss and nibble on his edible cheeks...



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