Thursday, 18 September 2008


Before we went to Liffey Falls, Noah's temp was up a little bit. Di said she was okay with looking after him still and she knows him so well, that we weren't worried about leaving him with her. When we got home, his temp was still up and his breathing was quite rapid. I decided to do a urine test and found that his glucose and ketone's were up again, and took him straight down to Accident and Emergency. I wasn't really worried about him as he just seemed like he had some sort of infection, but knew that since his glucose was up again, that I should get him checked out.

They put us straight through at A&E and we had a really 'interesting' three and a half hours in there. They did all the usual tests - urine, heart rate, sats, bloods and put a canula in. The Dr then said his chest sounded quite crackly and sent us off for an Xray. We saw the same paediatrician that we saw the week before on the kids ward and she said his chest Xray didn't look too bad - a little bit of fluid in one lung, but she had to ring the Dr on call that night to see what he wanted to do. I knew we were most likely in overnight and had packed our bags and meds just in case.

She came back and told us Dr D wanted us admitted as he had pneumonia and usually they would just let us treat it at home, but he has a nasty bacteria called pseudomonas which we have been treating at home for the last month. She said it was now systematic (right into his system) and therefore it was best to be admitted as he needed IV antibiotics as well as the usual antibiotics we had been giving him at home.

We would have been up on kids ward quite early, except for two drunk idiots who were in Emergency. It was a very interesting night, with lots of swear words being thrown around and a lot of yelling! One guy refused treatment as there were no 'white' Drs to treat him. He didn't want any 'blacks' treating him and was calling all the male nurses everything under the sun, saying they were gay. The police were called three times for the two guys (they were totally separate patients - didn't know each other) and two code blacks were also called which meant security came down pretty quick! We finally got passed one guy with the police guarding him, and were taken to the kids ward about 10.30 pm. I did find one thing while in Emergency - that half of Launceston has the same mobile phone as me!!! Everytime I would hear a phone ring or get a message I would jump as I thought it was mine!

We were given a single room which was a relief. Lucky for us we are 'frequent flyers' on the kids ward and are usually given a single room if one is available. Noah was quite settled all night - just breathing very fast and was very, very hot.

They started him on IV fluids and antibiotics straight away, which meant very little sleep for both of us, with the nurses coming in every half hour to hour to refill the line. The tiny little sofa bed didn't help the sleep situation much either.

This morning Aaron and the boys came up to spend some time with us. The boys were soooo excited, as it is the first time Noah has been sick since the new playground was built. They had been hanging out to go and have a big play.

Do you think they look worried that their brother is sick!?!?!? :)

The kids have to be supervised while they are in the playroom , so Aaron and I have to keep taking turns to sit and watch the boys while they are playing. Its nice that they get to have a run around though, and the playground really is awesome.

When they are tired of running around they love coming back into Noah's room and playing on the Xbox or watching DVD's.

We had lots of Dr's come in to see Noah today (his usual paediatrician is away on holiday) and lots of them are amazed as to how well Noah is doing and kept telling us what a great job we are doing and are amazed as to how he hasn't been admitted to hospital for so long.

We were told today that he will be in hospital till at least the weekend, depending on how he responds to the treatment he is having. The Dr said he needs a 'fine tune'. Kobe coped pretty well with his first hospital experience. We did get to go out all together for a couple of hours today, while Di came and sat with Noah.

Tonight when Harri was going to bed he cracked me up. He usually goes around everyone, giving us all a kiss saying 'goodnight Dad, goodnight Noah' etc. and tonight he looks around and sees only Jay (Kobe was in bed) and says 'goodnight one person!'. When Jay went to bed he said 'its strange not saying goodnight to Noah'. Jay loves it at the hospital, but deep down he hates it when Noah is in there as he worries about him. All night he kept asking me 'what does Noah have wrong again, Mum?'. I would tell him 'pneumonia' and he would say 'that's right - ammonia'! I'm actually not worried about Noah at all - he looks really good and is wide awake today. I even got a little smile this morning. I would usually deal with him when he is even worse then this at home, but because of the psudomonas the Dr's are being extra careful as its a very nasty bug and one that is very resistant to treatment.

Aaron is staying in hospital with Noah tonight (lucky him - he gets the comfy sofa bed!!), so I can catch up on some sleep, before staying in there again tomorrow night. Should be a fun weekend - football stress and hospital. Lucky for me I will probably be away from Aaron when Hawthorn play on the weekend - it's going to be one stressful day!!!


  1. We hope Noah is much better very soon! You may be wise to stay in a bit longer though so you miss the tension - GO HAWKS!!!

  2. Hope you get better soon Noah.
    Love Nicki, Alex, Maddi and little Alex.

  3. poor little man! hope you are all home safe and sound very soon...and hope aaron has to sleeps on the uncomfortable sofa more than you do!

  4. Awww Poor Noah, sure hope he feels better soon. That play area looks like lots of fun.

  5. Noah, I hope you feel better really soon. Lisa you have had a great run with him though this winter. I hope for your sake that the HAWKS win!!! I am sure they will.

  6. Thankgoodness for a private room. That's nice of them to always try and find you one. You will probably still hear Aaron yelling from your place when the game is on. Do you want any healthy treats brought in??

  7. Thanks Simone. I've been home for the night and caught up on the washing and housework and gave the fridge a good clean out since we aren't eating here till Sunday at least. I stocked up on some nice fresh fruit. Thanks heaps though.

  8. oh lisa,
    you are a very couragous mother..i'm telling you, we should nominate you for the next mother of the year..anyway, our prayers and thoughts are with your family and hope that noah gets well soon..he's such a special boy isn't he?
    yell if you need anything Lisa..


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