Friday, 12 September 2008

Our Baby Turns 9!

Today is Jay's 9th birthday. All day Aaron and I have been saying its hard to believe that we have a 9 year old!! Boy we are getting old. The day started off very early! I heard the boys talking at about 5.10 am. I got up to go to the loo, and they were quiet so I went back to bed, hoping that they had decided to sleep a little longer as it was still dark. At 5.25 am Jay comes sneaking into our bedroom. He asks if he could open his presents and I told him to wait half an hour and we would all get up at 6am. The look on his face was too disappointed so we all jumped out of bed so he could open his presents.

For months he has been asking for the game 'Mario Kart' for the Wii or his Nintendo DS. He also asked for a new Hawthorn footy Guernsey with no sleeves and a Yoshi soft toy (a character on the Mario games). Months ago we got Mario Kart at the Kmart toy sale, but we have been stirring Jay for ages, saying we weren't sure whether he would get it or not. He was so happy when the last present he opened was Mario Kart. He also got his Hawks Guernsey. Aaron searched everywhere for a Yoshi soft toy and finally found one on EBay from Hong Kong. Jay was so excited when the mailman delivered it today - perfect timing!

He also requested a Yoshi cake. Aaron did a great job of it as usual.

Jay spent the morning playing his new game and we then headed into town so he could spend his birthday money.

After shopping we went to pick up Jay's best friend, Brayden. He is a great kid. It is the first time Jay has had a friend sleepover, so he is so excited. Brayden is VERY patient with Harri which is nice, and tries to include him in as much as possible. All afternoon the boys have been playing the Wii, and their Nintendo DS'.

Aaron took Jay, Brayden and Harri to McDonalds for tea (Jalen's choice) while I stayed home with the other two. Kobe has been really clingy and grizzly the past couple of days. I hope those teeth aren't too far away as it's driving us crazy! We can see and feel them just below the gums.

We did the usual thing of blowing out the candles about twenty times - Harri always has to have a few goes after the birthday person! It's been a really nice day. Jay got lots of phone calls and texts wishing him a happy day.

Aaron, Noah and I are now hidden away in our bedroom watching the footy, while Jay and Brayden play their Nintendo's and watch a DVD in the lounge room. It is so funny listening to the things they talk about. Aaron has been stirring Jalen all night asking him why he hasn't put on his Bratz or Barbie pajamas. At first Jay was getting all embarrassed in front of Brayden, but now he is having fun playing along with it.

They have just informed me that they are going to get up early and play the Wii. Brayden told me that they would turn the TV down low though. I told them I don't mind as long as they are quiet and don't wake up Kobe. If they do, they will have a fun morning feeding and settling him :)


  1. Happy Birthday Jay, Hope you had a great day. Looks like it was alot of fun.

    Nice tv you have there

  2. so cute! nice that jay has his birthday in the holidays and doesn't have to go to school!

  3. Hope the birthday boy enjoyed his big day. It sure does make you feel old when your kids hit those birthdays. Just wait 'til they're in double digits! Tanner will be in a deacon in March! I'm too young for that.

  4. Happy Birthday Jay...9 Wowzers!

  5. Happy Birthday Jay, looks like you are having a great time with your friend.

    Lisa the pic of Kobe made me laugh. I had to take a second look because it looks like the balloons are holding him up.

  6. How funny - it does look like Kobe is held up by the balloons! Aaron's cake looks fantastic - I am definitely putting in my orders next year!


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