Sunday, 21 September 2008

Home from Hospital

We are finally home from hospital with Noah. He was actually fine most of the time we were in there. The Dr's just seem to get in a flap when they hear the word 'pseudomonas' and want to treat it pretty aggressively.

I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep with no IV beeping every half an hour to an hour. Last night I was in such a deep sleep that I think the IV had been beeping for a while (about 4am). I dreamt it was a baby crying and I looked up at Noah and thought 'oh no, the babies crying!' and was waiting for him to settle. Then I realised I was in hospital and it was the IV going off!! I was actually glad that is all it was, as it meant all I had to do was buzz the nurse and the noise would stop and I could go back to sleep, instead of having to get up to a baby! :)

The ward was soooo quiet. Today there were only 5 patients on the ward (a 35 bed ward), and they probably had about 4-5 nurses working and there were three Drs there at one stage! It was like that the last couple of days which was good, as it meant our nurse only had Noah as her patient so we got lots of attention. Many of the nurses we knew from a few years ago, so it was actually nice to see them after a big break from hospital.

One of the nurses we have known for years know that Aaron and the boys are big Hawks supporters, so she came and put up a poster at the end of Noah's bed for him, ready for the preliminary final.

I was glad I wasn't at home watching the game with Aaron as I knew it was going to be a very intense night. All night a male nurse kept coming in yelling 'Go Saints!', even though he wasn't a Saints supporter! Now that they are in the grand final it's going to be a very exciting and stressful week in the King house!

Before we came home today, the boys wanted one last play in the playground at the hospital. Harri cried as he didn't want to come home!

Now that we are home he keeps asking 'why did Noah come home?'. I tell him that the Drs helped him to feel better and he thinks that is great, but keeps talking about when we go back to hospital again and how he will play the games again (Xbox).

We were lucky and came home with a bag of supplies that the nurse had given us - suction catheters, suction tubing, neb masks, syringes, mouth swabs and gauze. It was like Christmas!!! The funny things you get excited about when you have a child with a disability. Noah is very happy to be home, and so are all of us. Hopefully it won't take long for us all to catch up on the sleep we missed out on.


  1. We are so glad Noah is home, and hope he stays well, and that you all get to sleep tonight (if Aaron's not too excited still!)

  2. So glad to hear that Noah is home. Hope you can catch up on some sleep.

  3. Go the Hawks!! Glad Noah is back home:)

  4. Very pleased that "the team" won! And more so that Noah is home and doing well. May you get lots of lots of well deserved sleep Lis!

  5. Welcome home Noah, glad to hear that you are much better. Congrats to Aaron on Hawthorns great win. Go HAWKS for the grand final. Lisa are you going to go out shopping like you normally do next weekend? Anyway hope you all catch up on some well deserved sleep & rest.


  6. I can just hear that IV beeping in your camotose sleeping state! Hope this week is (somewhat) normal :)

  7. Hi Em. Won't be leaving the house on Saturday!! Someone has to stay home to keep Aaron under control! :)


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