Thursday, 18 September 2008

Liffey Falls

Yesterday we had Di coming for 6 hours to look after Noah so we thought we should do something that we wouldn't usually get to do because of the wheelchair. When we went to the snow a few weeks ago, we saw the signs to Liffey Falls and said that we should go there sometime with the boys. It's sad to say my boys are such city slickers and have never really been bush walking or done anything like that before.

Before we left the boys were really excited and Jay asked 'is there a hut there Mum?'. I told him there was a little hut in the car park and he then asks 'do they sell bush walking sticks!?'. I couldn't stop laughing as he really wanted a stick to walk with and thought you would have to buy one!!! I then told him there were no shops and that he could just find a stick there and walk with it and he thought that was fantastic!! The first thing he did when he got there was found a good stick to walk with.

It was a really nice day for a walk and it was such a beautiful place - I couldn't stop taking photos - taking over 100 in total! Thank goodness for digital cameras.

As soon as the boys saw a little fall they were soooo excited! Harri kept saying 'wow, wow, wow!'.

When we got to the big falls they thought it was awesome!

Kobe was so good all the way - loving the ride in the pouch with Aaron.

Harri was my little buddy the whole time. We were a long way behind Aaron and Jay as he walked so slow, and I kept stopping to take photos.

In the end Harri got sick of me taking photos and kept saying 'no more photos Mum!!'. He was so cute holding my hand singing 'I am a Child of God' all the way back, but all he kept singing over and over was 'lead me, guide me, walk beside me'. Very appropriate for the walk!


  1. It's sad you grew up on a farm and those boys are so much city slickers. You really must get them out more. Get them a little motorbike or something. haha

    The stick is a classic

  2. Isn't it lovely up there? I used to horse ride up around the falls area, and Simon and I once got lost coming back from the falls - the SES were called, but we walked out just before dark! Our property is only a little way past the falls turn off - must get the kids up there again soon!

  3. It's so pretty!!! Dad keeps telling me I need to take my boys out to the country more and after Jay wanting to buy a stick, I think I need to!

  4. When we go anywhere I have to limit the "bring-home" sticks to one for each child. So you can imagine how many sticks we have in our backyard. Somehow they all know which ones belong to eachother too!

  5. What beautiful Photos Lisa of such a gorgeous place. I can't get over how much Kobe looks like Noah. I sadi that when he was first born, but it is much more obvious now I think.


  6. lots of good photos Lisa =)

    I would love to experience being Jalens and Harri's age again... everything is exciting.. and new =D

    looks like good times =)

    hahaha i got a laugh at the stick :P


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