Friday, 26 September 2008

Footy Colours Week!!

Since tomorrow is the AFL Grandfinal, it is 'footy colours' day at the boys school, and also at Aaron's school. Aaron however has decided that it has been 'footy colours week' since Hawthorn is in the grandfinal for the first time in 17 years!

Teachers don't really have an official dress code, but Aaron prides himself on looking half respectable at school, and always wears a shirt and tie unless he is teaching P.E that day. This week however he is looking anything but respectable in all his Hawthorn gear!! I forgot to get a photo on Monday, but he actually did wear a shirt and tie that day - just that it was a Hawthorn tie! It was the first day back at school and he came home with a headache. He cracked me up as he ended up falling asleep on the couch, all snuggled up in his Hawks sleeping bag!




and mowing the lawns in his Hawks socks!


and the official 'footy colours day' - this morning!

Check out the 'sexy' socks! How embarrassing! If only Hawthorn had better colours!!


  1. What a good looking bunch! The socks are lovely, although I like the ones that also have a white stripe! GO HAWKS!

  2. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!! Are you dreading the stress in your house tomorrow Lisa?


  3. Wow! Your man is sure stylin'!

  4. Ha,ha this is one of my fav posts. I have never known anyone to be so obsessed!! You have to take some good shots tomorrow when Aaron is all 'emotional'. It will be such a crack-up.

  5. Kylie - Aaron was just saying last week he would LOVE some of those socks.

  6. Go the Hawks! Alex went dressed in his Hawks gear today too.

  7. Great pics, Aaron sure is into his sports.


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