Sunday, 7 September 2008

Arranged Marriage

Today Chels and her girls were up in our ward for church. It was great to see them. Her girls are so lovely in Primary and are great singers, so I love taking music time when they are there as they motivate the others to sing.

Chelsea and I were busy arranging the wedding of Kobe and Rowan. Although I don't know how interested they were though as when Rowan was asleep Kobe was awake and then vice versa!


  1. awwww, cute. cant believe how on the ball you are with blogging! and Darbs and B LOVE being in Primary there .... thanks Lisa!

  2. What a cute couple they make. I guess Kobe is into older women?

  3. ha ha Paige - yes I guess he must be! I think there is something like 6 weeks difference or so between the two so Rowan is definitely a cradle snatcher!! LOL


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