Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Our School Holiday Destination

It seems that every school holidays we end up taking Noah to hospital, and these holidays is no exception.

From time to time I test Noah's urine with some dipsticks - usually just when I think something is going on with him like a urinary tract infection. Today I tested it and the stick showed that his glucose levels were VERY high and his ketones were also up. This has happened before, so I wasn't too worried and tested again after a couple of hours. They were still the same, so I rang our GP who knows Noah very well and also used to work on the kids ward at the hospital (where we first met him on the day Noah was diagnosed with hydran). He told me he would ring the kids ward so we didn't have to sit and wait for hours in Accident and Emergency, and to go up there to get it checked out. We packed out bags ready to stay the night, just in case.

His levels were still a bit elevated when we first got there, but in normal range. 3 1/2 hours later his levels had returned back to normal and the Dr's don't really know why it happens from time to time, but just that he may have trouble processing sugar now and then. They want me to keep an eye on it over the next few days and hopefully it will all be back to normal. If it turns out that he has developed diabetes it's no drama. Just something else to deal with, but hopefully things will stay how they should be, and we won't have to worry about another trip to hospital for a while.

I convinced the Dr that I would keep my eye on things at home, so he let us come home :) He did remember us from when we were admitted in March and remembered that I was pregnant and asked how the baby was going. Kobe hasn't yet had to visit Noah in hospital and hopefully won't for a while, and I know tomorrow morning Harri is going to wake up very disappointed that Noah is home as I'm sure he would love to go up there for a play in their cool new playground.


  1. Not sure how you stay so calm and collected. All par for the course, with Noah, I guess. But, you're awesome. :) I'll say a prayer for Noah. :)

  2. You are all amazing! Thoughtful of Noah to wait until holidays before he wants to go and visit all his friends!

  3. Lisa tell Noah to behave him self and stay well. Sure glad you didn't have to stay in the hospital. Give Noah hugs from us.


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